Christmas Day, 2020

She had been ordered to stay inside for medical purposes. There was supposed to be no one else because of the virus. No matter; she was already safe.

Of course, the Internet was still there. And what better thing for a nurse with no work to do than livestream an empty hospital?

No views. What can you do if no one is watching?

“Hi, let’s check all the hospital beds for anyone who still doesn’t think the pandemic is real!” She put the text on the top of the screen as she said it, boxed in black with white letters for extra reinforcement.

25 minutes passed, full of footsteps and empty beds. A chatter finally commented, “there’s no one here self-owned bitch.”

“Well that’s because I’m supposed to stay inside for medical purposes.”

“Do you actually believe that? Did they also tell you the 19th floor has no patients?” the chatter retorted.

“Are you saying someone is on the 19th floor?”

“Fuck around and find out”

The 19th floor seemed no different from any other floor. No machine sounds, no open doors.

But there was the smell of meth.

The door opened to show a lanky but built man with seared lips. A spare laptop was left in his room, his hand still on the keyboard. A rosary was clenched in his typing hand.

“You are a root.”

“What’s a root?”

“A root is someone who feeds off the mother root.”

“What is the mother root?”

“The protomatrix trying to steal all our sperm. IF YOU TRY TO TAKE OUR SEMEN AWAY, 1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN, STOP MASTURBATING!” He leapt out of the bed with a fork and knife still stuck into the mattress.

“You’re not supposed to be here.”

“Too bad I hospitalized myself, bitch.”

“You are such a sexist piece of trash.”

“You didn’t stop masturbating.”

“Hard to masturbate when the virus kills you.”

“To die from the root flu, you must be a root.”

“Oh, so the root is China?”

“China globalist scum! It’s only one of the bigger roots coming from the mother root protomatrix! You better not have the root injection, or else it will take over your soul!”

“People don’t have souls, you sky-daddy worshipper! And I already got that ‘root injection,’ if that’s what you want to call it, and I’m just fine!”


“If you think a surrendered my soul or whatever you think makes my brain work, I’ll have you know it’s a totally safe and new technology, all it does is alter your—” A pang went from her arm that sent her hurtling to the floor.

“You see? The root has already made you Satan!”

“It’s just a slip.” But as she looked down, she saw a purple streak coming out from a dot. By the time she lifted her palm to see what had happened, there was complete purple where her veins should have been.

“It alters your…?” he asked, smiling as they both already knew the answer.

“No,” she said as her right arm suddenly felt lighter, beads of sweat dripping into a full puddle.

“No,” she said slightly louder as that lightness spread to her chest and torso, sweat dripping straight down there like it was filling a cup.

“NO!” she screamed as the lightness finally jumped all at once up to her head, which blinded her eyes in sweat as tears blended in, her left arm that joined the right in a huddled position, and her legs down to her feet, which crossed in a hard jolt that rubbed her just right. It was the most painful feeling, but also…

“Take it, you’ll feel sexy,” a voice exited from her body, but she was not sure if it came from her.

“What? That isn’t…”

“Sleep with the Devil and the Devil will take you away. You’ll be sexy, like me, and we’ll be sexy forever.”


“And how do you expect to beat me?”

“Please sir, that isn’t me talk—“

“Silence. You gave your body to me, now I do with it as I please, starting with some simple changes.” Instantaneously, the fat from her belly began melting away.

“You can’t really feel sexy if you aren’t sexy, so we need some…redistribution.” The nurse’s chest heaved as the body pulled the top clothing apart, showing a constant fizzing over the breasts, each time rising slightly higher than the original low. The fizzing then spread to the rest of the body, creating a meaty, but not overweight form. The head creaked as this new body demanded more support from up top, a larger brain for a larger unit. The bottom began catching up to the top, making four round, fleshy spots each bigger than even the enlarged head.

“This is what I like in a woman.” An arm dug straight into the crevice and pulled out a stream, flowing down a newly tender set of tree trunks that were supported by toned, yet not protruding calves so as to preserve the feminine form. Finally, the feet swelled out so as not to break from the pressure of a recently enlarged body they were expected to carry, as the bottom part of her clothing finally slid off from the constant pressure of the stream flowing from beneath.

The floor was flooded in a mix of sweat, tears, and something else. The two stood knee-deep, staring each other down.

“Now….can you really stop masturbating when a woman so goddamn sexy is offering her body?”


“What!? Rhoalphaphiep—rho, alpha, phi, oh n—” Overwhelmed by the power of an anti-root schizo, her body fell over as the might within two godhands pinned her down and he stuffed her in. The protein retained from 1,001 days of NoFap blew right up into her body and swelled her belly to give a pregnant appearance.

“CURSE! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO MAKE HER STERILE, BUT THERE IS NO WAY, EVEN WITH THAT INJECTION, SHE CAN REJECT ALL OF THI—GUAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” A rosary was hung over an erect nipple as the body finally fell over, breathing normally and sleeping peacefully.