join the ranks of those moved on before you
it’s your turn now
the table set for us all a new future awaits your arrival
left to the hands of strangers
love has passed long ago
time fades intensity
in the end we are all bullied and broken
this is not the place to seek repair
time is past the point of any more tomorrows
no arrival is too early or late, all in our own time and no-one else’s
be the reason to keep me late from my seat at an empty plate
soon to be surrounded by all those that got me here
one last moment to be with the one that should have matter most
my last time to be with me
a last memory not mine to keep
a gift to be opened when the time is right
my memories are the gifts I leave behind
one by one unwrap them when you can
and remember
pardon my exit if my time was too brief
it was not my intention but all life gave to me
every life is lived to the fullest but not each one equal in length
leave when you are called there is no delay allowed
life’s mission is not lived long if you are only good
it has a purpose of ingredients not a timeline as it should
my words are like answers knowledge your wisdom my time the cost
remember this, give your misery a voice, scream it out loud
be brave enough to shout
words out loud give infinity dimension making the impossible smaller
conquer the pain of infinity with your voice