Oak hasn’t gone wanting for the
Touch of war and the cardinal
Ain’t no Ares if’n you planning
On attending this cathedral.

Uncle Mick says I’ll meet real
People in the real world, as if
To break the fourth wall and
Admit we’re in a bubble

Sycamore’s gotta be cut because
Of the power lines so it’s no
Difference as to whether or not
She needs a buttstock tucked
Tight in her shoulder, arm tucked
Too, just to feel okay with feeling
Something less than okay.

Mud can tell you more than the
Vehicle underneath it; cup of
Saliva and tobacco in the steering
Wheel hand says less than you’re
Thinkin’, I promise.

“They used to have a black section
of town, movie theater too. They
were on opposite sides obviously,”
And the waitress even asks you to
Lift the cup for her.

Ever rubbed the cherry off a joint
Onto the flesh of an aspen-birch, your
Feet put up like the day was long
Yet, like you knew how long a day
Could be.

Checking the checking account and
This gas station has Confederate flags
For nine dollars.

Lightning bugs in May seems early
And yet they tell you how long a year
Shouldn’t be.