the bigghey
poetry,,, additionally

it is

the gay


look at the words on the page

how do they make you feel?

it makes me feel homosexual*

Seven is a Holy Number

I act recklessly, but only within safe bounds.
I pray for penance, then commit the same sins.
I desire to strive, then do not give my all.
I accept blame, but only when confident of my actions.

The sun also rises,
Painting colours unpronounceable on the morning
With clouds piercing skies like war-lances
With the world below a deaf-mute audience.

I scorn those who make mine own mistakes,
I fuss over slights I perform that have been long forgiven or forgotten.
I dress vainly in gaudy-bright clothes as a signal,
I halfheartedly move my limbs to imitate strength.

The bay is an oil-void,
Waves growl at you, silently—do you hear them?
Old and great things sleep under frigid shores,
Old and terrible their gills dream in glacier-water.

I fear all those that differ,
I look with hate on those who pass,
I envy the blessed bliss of ignorant muscle,
I am jealous of the innocent union of sinews.

The old conifers purify,
Needles of sticky-green filter air through mighty perfumes.
They give shelter to the countless creatures ‘neath their boughs,
They give fragrance and incense to the ceremonies of forests.

O! would that I might return to the lands of my youth!
O! would that I may save it from rapine!
O! would that in doing so it would finally heal me!
O! would that in retrograde I would proceed!

The Bazaar

The Bear

What is the nation? A box made God.

And memetics? The power by which I control.

Memetics enables me to wield my own influence over God Himself, making me the blasphemous Ubermensch.

What is logos? The bindings of the lesser, a magic meant to hold and restrain even as it presents itself as power unending.

And the Internet? The tubes by which my power permeates.

How have you played the hand you’ve been dealt? This is merely the fact of life in this place and this age; it has always been like this and will always be like this for us no matter where it is we are for it is in our blood as a nation.

The Frog

What is a woman? A box for repeating things.

And memetics? The power by which I rise.

Through the rejection of the looping feminine society, I am forced to develop my inbuilt power and release Tiamat, Kek, Cronus in a perversion of looping femininity.

What is logos? The magick by which my memetic incantations are formed.

And the Internet? The tube for channeling my magick.

How much was taken from you? A waifu, a mother, a brother, a sister, a father, a son, a daughter a friend, a time, and a place.

The Cow

What is civilisation? A box by which I am fed.

And memetics? The power by which I am entertained civilisation and memetics are my twin bread and circuses.

What is logos? That fence which keeps the wolves at bay and the bears away .

And the Internet? The tube for delivering my bread and circuses.

How much have you been given? I have been given all, and I have earned every part of it through my hard work, and it is all meant to help me and aid me.

The Pig

What is the law? A box whose walls are built of God’s will.

And viruses? The thing I must be inoculated against.

The law protects me from viruses; by its sword intervention I am kept free and by its shield wall I am made safe.

What is logos? That dangerous thing that threatens the law despite its status as progenitor; a thing of racism, supremacy, and prejudice.

And the Internet? The thing of racism, supremacy, and prejudice that allows me to organise and my enemies to oppress.

How much was bestowed unto thee? It was all taken, see, by the horrible structures that kept me and other oppressed groups under their weight.

The Eagle

What is freedom? A box by which man may be debased or elevated.

And ideology? The unifying disciplines by which we are all instructed freedom is the motivator of my action, and ideology directs its raw energy into a honed point.

What is logos? Logos is the empow’ring might of inherited common law, passed down from Moses, Confucius, the Greeks, and kings into our mighty republic’s very sinews.

And the Internet? A box containing the sum knowledge and information of all humanity, to be used in times of crisis to guide us.

How far hath thou come? The very foundations laid by Abram have borne fruit even in this time in the glories from our struggle of preservation and reconciliation, making all things new as they underpin our mighty temple.

The Wolf

What is a boomer? A box for constructing prisons.

And death? A conduit for beauty.

Mine is a generation of revenge, through death to myself I will destroy all the follies of my fathers and bring a cleansed world.

What is logos? Logos is no, the holy and binding refusal by which I hold chaos at bay through God’s might.
And the internet? A box for generating new kinds of ugliness.

How much was taken from thee? A wide green country, and a swift sunrise.

The Lion

What am I? A box for aggregation unto God’s glory.

And ideology? Memetic weaknesses that serve me, ultimately to be rejected with time’s passage.

Ideology poisons my aggregation and threatens me with destruction through its virulence even in a supposedly restrained form—yet ideology serves me, and I in turn serve God, passing the service upward from mine own constructs through the hierarchy.

What is logos? In the beginning was logos, and logos was with God, and logos was God.

And the Internet? A box I hook into to become that which must not be, debasing myself to bring others to thee.
How much has already been lost? I’ve wept for the lost; so much has been gone.


* Author’s note: homosexual means gay