It can convert red fire of the Spartacist Uprising into azure felicity of the philosophy.

in feline eyes
something hoary is enforcing
an Egyptian glint
as if a pharaoh would
work magic the ontology
nature is able to conjure
effulgence of being in aesthetics
which likes daydreams
the ontology makes vestige
of an Erlking betimes
otherwhiles the logic becomes
moony—ensorcelled so propitious
such a fantasy
thus the logic becomes star
over Kant and us
the dream of bee-like being
like an angelic melancholy
charmed aesthetics
festival ghosts are dancing
for the sake of kings of muses
the philosophy
is dreaming in summer of strength
of logical fulfillment
Kant is singing along gingerly
of epistemology
the melancholia
is performing magic for ever and ever
with shininess of the logic
waft of the ontologies
is thereof entirely awoken
the air smells of
the Kant’s time of the eternity