The Pool

He and I bathe,
He in dark
I in clear.
Our eyes touched
For the first time
At the registration desk.
That very second
I got drowned.
In his blue eyes.
In that blue
Necessarily divergent
And true.
Truer even than
That of the fool
Pool in envy of him.
He dives.
I dive.
When he resurfaces
And looks my way,
I die.
In lanes apart we ruminate
And feast on each other’s
I lick
The water
To get the taste of him.
My thirst drains
His skin dipped in souce
Deliciously wet and gleaming.
That mysterious juice
He stores within
Should be mine.
But will it ever be?
Please, let it be!
The waters dancing
About my calves
Do not scare me.
Only his eyes do.
I know I can take them with me
To my most wrenching dreams.
The wise men told me once
That over time
I would be able to
Tell fire from ice. So now
I try
To figure out
If this ache
Throbbing and simmering
Against my walls
Arrives in ice or fire.
Perhaps a colossal
Block of melting ice
Of a hundred lagoons.
Or maybe
Heaps of huge
Churning cauldrons
Poured down
My throat
Afire once more
Though burned out long ago.
In disguise of fire
Or of ice,
These waters
Dripping from us
Will cremate our souls
Before we may warm
The bodies
That reserve
And salute them.


Resurfaces slowly,
In grey
Soaring against
A wet sky,
Ready to give,
Ready to take
You within
And me too.
The two we make
Against the freeholds
Of the strings
Of insane chords
Played in mute
Form and booze,
Through the orchestral
Alchemy of your
Pure and deep breathing.
Heart sounds like
The beat of the rocks against
A sea,
Black and glamorous,
Beat against pink land,
Blue mushrooms and
Red storms.
Transparent dahlias,
Growing, seething
Against your
On virgin skins,
Virgin hands,
Carrying you there,
That infinite nowhere.

Wear the Crown

Those who want to wear the crown
Will wear the crown!
Those who want to be
Celebrated will be!
And yet, my little love, you shall
Taste neither of those little
Tricks of beggared humanity.
You shall rise, make bread,
Pay for your tea, get
Up and do your homework.
And will never be punished,
For you are beautiful always,
And always the beauty—the
Lucid and contingent one like
You will be forgiven.
You shall be fed, you
Shall be scorned—first,
You shall be dead and never
Celebrated and thus,
Never punished.

Can You

Can you dive into,
Pierce into a hollow
Within your chest, right
At the center?
Can you stab it?
Can you kill it?
Can you destroy it?
Can you make it disappear?
Make it disappear!
I’ve tried all the ways
Known and tried and untried,
But none helped.
I can’t cope with it.
I can’t even fight with it.
It is like a cancer cell,
Growing, eating, feeding on
My flesh and soul.
And I can’t get rid of it.
One day, I’m afraid it will
Swallow me up, too.
But this is good;
I will be gone for good
and this big hole
With me too.