Sophie’s Tree

If the world is a web
and the Web is the world
then show me that spider
that skitters
and flitters
and keeps it together

why is it called the web
when a strong wind
can tear apart the filigree
the gossamer threads of knowledge
like tears in the rain
like fears in the brain
do we admonish the spider?

the network is weak because
it is made up of minds
many minds
and you may take mind that
this makes it strong
but care: the more links in a chain
the more chinks

the world tree
wide is superfluous
have you ever seen a Moreton Bay Fig Tree?
what a gorgeous metaphor
the chaotic roots and limbs
the smooth trunk
the shade, unsurpassed

let us hang ideas from the branches
branches of knowledge
branches of philosophy
branches of sophistry
how deep down does it go?
how high up does it grow?

hello I’m a Marxist
hello I’m a Landist
hello I’m for the techno-acceleration of intelligence
hello I’m for the anarcho-capitulation of Hephaestus

now this is truly Sophie’s Tree
as the little minds compete
all it takes is to listen to the other side
find the chinks
and make a blog or livestream

Hi, a Porpoise

have you ever wondered
what it would be like
to have evolved in the sea
to see
to see
what the fish do see?

or perhaps to have sprouted wings
a hyper-intelligent species of winged mammals
on those beneath us

you do not notice
the inhalation of air
the contraction of muscles
autopilot is heaven-sent
you do not notice
the perpetration of gravity
the contraction of muscles
ought to send you heavenward

these things occur
without a need of you
so that you
may pursue
something far more important

you are not a fish
you are not a bird
and yet you swim
(though the fish has grace)
and you fly
(though a bird has no hubris)

each species is designed for something
so you must find your higher purpose
the human race could disappear without a
and what would be left behind
but towering buildings
and devouring stadiums
and streets plastered over fields
and fields plastered over forests
and space junk
and plastic islands
and esoteric philosophy
and shitty literature
and sick fish
and plucked birds
and I could go on