I am writing this with the full knowledge that I may not live long enough to complete it. I have come under the suspicion of the Pruners.

There is a concept in horticulture that pruning will stimulate greater and healthier growth. From Webster’s: “Pruning…to cut off or cut back parts of the plant for better shape or more fruitful growth—prune the branches.

For some, this can be extended to human civilization. Cutting back, trimming, ethnically cleansing, may seem harmful in the present, but leads to a healthier environment. We call this fascism. It has been written that Nero intentionally set fires to neighborhoods in Ancient Rome for the sole purpose of clearing the ground for rebuilding a newer Rome. He did it because he could, and in the process, he blamed others.

What it not widely understood is that the concept is still the most effective way to shape culture today. It has morphed into the shadows because the blatant loss of life in mass extinctions draws too much attention. Instead, the concept is to “prune” the influencers, the leaders, the shapers of culture. Particularly the shapers that may change the status quo.

There are two methods of “pruning” potential threats. The first method, Phase One, comes from management theory. Promote individuals to less effective positions. It is so much cheaper to give money to individuals to quiet their goals. Removing the need to strive for success cuts the motivation for change. Individuals suddenly find themselves converted to keeping what they have, they worry about retirement and security, they are removed from those “who want” and now become “those who have.”

Careful observation of “financially successful” individuals can raise questions. Not all successful individuals are the result of their own efforts. When you hear about the meteoric rise of some individual or group, don’t be surprised if the money comes from unknown sources. Wealth is a perfect vehicle for change.

This process can also be further enhanced by blackmail. Individuals are investigated, files are created, damaging videos are recorded. In case any try to go back to leading people, threats are made to take away all that they have gained. This is done very quietly and very effectively.

Phase Two of the pruning is reserved for those individuals that do not respond to the gift of success. Phase Two is more true to the original concept of “pruning,” cutting off the living in order to shape the future.

Certainly, the obtuse method of assassination is always an option. It is much more likely that the “obtuse” nature is modified. There are more acceptable ways to die. If an individual dies of a heart condition, then no one investigates further. Research into the methods of creating a heart condition began in the Middle Ages. The first crude attempts were identified as arsenic poisoning, but the desire was to find a method for an acceptable death.

Do the research: look into the British attempts to silence Napoleon. After the second exile, they banished all French media, and forbade anyone to address him as Emperor. When he started learning English in order to have a broader influence, it was too much for the “Pruners.” It only took a short while for Napoleon to have 100 times the lethal dose of arsenic in his body, and he was dead within six months. The status quo was not threatened.

I have recently gained knowledge that a cure for diabetes has existed before the radical upsurge in the intake of sugar. Technically, the cure existed before the onset of the disease. This was a long-term project of the Pruners, none of whom have diabetes regardless of their diets. This data accidentally came across my desk, so I launched an investigation into the other major causes of death. In each example, I began to find members of powerful families that never had a trace of the most common diseases or common causes of death. Instead of saying “new world order” or “Illuminati,” I began to call them “the Pruners.”

In general, they were content in providing large-scale eliminations, pointing civilization in the general direction for their benefit. They also used Phase One and Phase Two for select individuals.

Last month, I was able to correlate COVID with blood types and DNA, to specific lines of known Pruners. The possibility of having a vaccination for certain groups of people well before the international breakout of COVID seemed more and more possible. This time, I found that any story or article about “weaponizing” the virus was met with intense Phase One or Phase Two actions. The story died on a cut-off vine.

This pruning was another long-term project that included preparation for economic shifts, as well as social breakdown. In each case, certain actions were taken well before the onset that positioned Pruners for success.

It got personal last Wednesday, when I noticed noise coming from my air conditioning vents in my apartment. Two days later I had a fever, yesterday I lost my sense of taste, and now I’m feeling extremely tired.

I’ve mailed this “manifesto” to several secure locations. Hopefully someone will continue to investigate the leads I have attached to this message.

Be well, trust no one.