Returning home after a tiring day;
The drizzling,
The disorienting neon lights,
The drivers who shout from their cars
When I cross the road without caring.
There isn’t anywhere to go to
But home.
There isn’t anything to lose
But my life…
The dudes smoke weed on tin barrels with spray paint…
The girls don’t smile anymore…
There is a glow in the eyes of a child
Passing by…
Wild yet dead
Like the eyes of a tuna on the weighing scale
About to be cut and packed.
Returning home after a tiring day;
The drizzle becomes rain.
I see people run…
Yet the world slows down
To make me look again
At the smoking dudes,
The girls who do not smile,
The children void inside.
The world slows down
To put me in pain.