Upside Down

I’ve heard the clouds screaming loudly,
Seen the sky wickedly winking.
The city left is like a ghost
That in the nightmare keeps smiling,
And in this darkness you are lost.
The hills grab you as a kid grabs toys
The silence of the night bares its voice
Howling as a dog beyond the fence
In a deaf country with dun sunsets.
I’ve seen fields of gold burnt by sun
And people grabbing that golden shining,
While beyond fields life boiled with fun.
The clear blue sky turned then into ocean
And world—upside down in a mad motion.
Now sky is storming like the seas,
Noise of waves beat rocks is above.
In the bottom of the striking clouds
The beasts soar shadowing the hills.
I hear this noise and have no doubts
The sea’s now storming beyond cold line
Of the same horizon, that’s yet not mine.


Monday burnt my face with foreign sun
And a week before I felt mom’s hands
Trembling at the opposite of line.
A month before, Monday was a clone
Of the entire week…once days were various:
Mondays dark, Tuesdays bright full with pubs,
Wednesdays were cold and grey like the walls
At the lessons, Thursdays too, Fridays white
As ceiling I looked at all day long.
Saturdays and Sundays were like pictures
In impressionists’ museums,
Blur and bright. October’s slippery
Shivering noons used to be the same,
September once used to be warmer,
It smelled with coffee and old books paper
In the libraries; August once smelled
With crowd, it’s salt sweat and heavy fat,
It used to be serene and empty
Like the sky above the abandoned town.
Julys were rainy, Junes were burning
They smelt with fresh seas and cold fish then,
With beer bubbles and cool piercing cola,
They shone by screens showing eve matches
And by moon above the night silence.
Spring once smelled with sweet blossoms only,
Now there is an odd mixture with blood,
With harsh smoke and ashes, the spring now
Is hotter than usual, while winter
In its darkness reminds me circus box
Full of surprises, which can be candies,
But also can be snakes; poisonous night
In winter now is mysterious, the stars
Gaze down at me and have a conversation
I hear them disputing hard as they gleam.

Silence Differs

I can’t make up my mind what’s wrong:
Both cities are so silent, though
My town reminds an insect pit…
And as if out of children’s book
The foreign gleams among the nights
Coloring the darkness, rainbows
Spark in the black sky above it,
Above my homeland void’s gaping.