You never wanted to get married,
It just wasn’t for you,
Who needs a flawed institution,
With an awful success rate,
Who needs conventionality,
When you can have liberty,
But ideology and theory,
As always,
Only go so far,
You met a woman,
And she brought a lot,
To the table,
And she felt just right,
And it felt just right,
And you kept telling her,
That you weren’t going to marry her,
You kept telling her that monogamy was on the table,
And then,
Quickly and slowly,
A lot more was on the table,
A life partnership was on the table,
And it was all fine,
More than fine,
It was great,
And you felt differently,
You wanted her,
No question about that,
But you wanted her as your wife,
You wanted to be married,
And that felt kind of odd at first,
And then it felt less odd,
And then you knew,
That you had to ask her,
Talk about rethinking your worldview,
This woman had shaken up your heart,
Had come into your life,
Like a hurricane,
She said yes,
To marriage,
And you got married,
And it was beautiful,
A simple wedding,
In a tiny house on wheels,
And now that you’re no longer married,
You look at that wedding differently,
But that moment doesn’t look any less beautiful,
Because there’s really nothing,
Quite as special,
As giving all of yourself to someone,
As being,
In love,
With someone else,
And even though your marriage has failed,
You’re glad that you learned,
That being totally,
Comes with major benefits,
That opening up your heart,
Can be a magical thing,
And even though you got your heart,
You know you’re a better person because of it,
Stronger than you’ve ever been,
Knowing what you know now,
You see how hard it will be,
To not take another chance,
Like the one you took,
With her,
Because rolling the dice on love,
That’s as exciting,
As it gets.