If you don’t think titty-fucking is gross, you shouldn’t think rimjobs are gross. The two things are just about the same.

Titty-fucking is done because tits are great, really great, according to most men. The trouble is there is only so much you can do with them. You can suck ‘em, touch ‘em, and slap ‘em, but that’s about it. At some point, after having sucked, touched, and slapped for long enough, you want something more, some new way of appreciating them. Titty-fucking is the solution to that desire. It might not work that well, it might require a ton of lube, plenty of repositioning, and probably isn’t all that great for the chick, but hey, it’s an act that ties your cock and a set of nice tits together. Ain’t that grand?

There has always been a real injustice about the fact that you want to fuck a chick because she’s got nice tits, but can’t really fuck the tits themselves. Titty-fucking is the solution to that riddle.

Rimjobs are the same thing. Ass is great, supreme, and all that is holy in this world. When I see a chick with a great ass, I want to fuck her. Admittedly, unlike tits, asses do have holes that really can be fucked, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Everything you want to fuck you want to kiss as well, and vice versa. (Men who don’t eat pussy or are “against” blowjobs are untrustworthy swine.) Blowjobs and kisses are a harmony. Titty-fucking and titty-sucking as well. Eating pussy and fucking too. Foot fetishists love to both suck on feet and get footjobs (everything said earlier about titty-fucking applies to footjobs). The ass is not somehow an exception to this rule. With tits, it’s common to suck ‘em and requires a bit of ingenuity to fuck ‘em. With ass, it’s intuitive as to how to fuck ‘em and requires a bit of courage to suck ‘em. So, although one act is a kiss and the other is a thrust, they are still equal in being perversions that seek to fully round out the appreciation of one piece of a fuckable woman. As with titty-fucking, eating ass comes with problems, similar ones, even: women don’t cum from it, the first time you do it is often awkward, it’s not always apparent what you should do after you’ve had your fill, and so on. But again, as with tittie-fucking, no logistical issue could possibly outweigh what the act weds. So, judge not us ass eaters because all we do is what everyone else does: kiss what we love most.