Pain, pain, lidocaine
Juice me up, doc
I want numb
I want to deal pain without feeling it
Make me supreme
Too much pain for too long
Inject my fists with lidocaine
I’ll punch every wall in the district
No wall is safe
Inject it in my feet
Twelve times the recommended dose
I want my dead foot to fly through the air
Swinging, lifeless
Knocking someone’s lights out
Inject it directly into my kneecaps
I’ll get these motherfuckers into a Muay Thai clinch
Then drive my knee into their foreheads
Cracking their skulls
They’d wish they had CTE
Inject it into the soft parts of my hands
I want to go apeshit
I want to slap the president pro tempore
I want to hammer-fist the Vice President
Put that needle into my forehead
Do it with two needles, sideways, meeting
I’ll drive to Paul Ryan’s house and headbutt him
I’ll drive there in a bus I steal
Curse this place, this soulless place
Inject it into my funny bone
I want to mash Pelosi’s head to mush with it
This place is fake
The people aren’t real
The buildings were put here
Pump it into my inner thighs
I want to squeeze every woman in this place
Squeeze them to cold, dark death with my thighs
My big powerful thighs
There is something awry in this place
Make me numb
I want to be numb so others will no longer be
It’s time to vote on the budget