Zero Malice

You wouldn’t expect “Cum Addiction” to feature any family smut—normally that theme isn’t announced with any subtlety, but it’s the case with act two of Pure Taboo’s release of that name. It’s also the sweetest incest porn I’ve ever watched. You might even call it heartwarming. It opens with Peter (John Strong) jerking off to porn on his laptop. But before we get a glimpse at his cock or a sense of what he’s watching, there’s a knock on his bedroom door: “Hey, Dad, do you have a minute?” Peter tries to shoo her away, but with perfect millennial vocabulary, she says it’s “kinda important.” He packs away his equipment, electronic and otherwise, and in walks Mary (Kenna James). It’s one of the best entrances I’ve ever seen in porn. Mary is positively radiant with an innocent beauty. Her long blonde hair rests atop a slight bust that’s covered in a sweater so wholesome it might have been special-ordered from L.L. Bean. She’s got skin so white she could pass for an angel with a smile so wide and earnest you’re half-expecting her to start evangelizing the second she opens it.

Her doe-eyes make straight for Peter as she puts her hands up in the shape of a Christian prayer before thanking him for raising her as his own after her mother died. “I know you didn’t have to,” she concedes. Dad is a humble man and doesn’t have much of a reply. The camera starts to wander a bit over Mary’s shorts and we’re reminded that even if she is an angel, she’s a fertile one. Then things get interesting. She says something about wanting to be a “real family” that doesn’t quite make sense. Dad doesn’t get it either. They keep chatting and the camera keeps teasing us. Peter’s biceps are impressive. Mary’s thighs are thick. He’s got broad shoulders and she’s got full lips. Something about them both having generic Biblical names makes it all the sultrier.

We’re just past the three-minutes mark when she swings for a homerun: “I want you to give me a baby.” That way, there will be family unity through blood—the only things that really counts. Dad does not like this idea and uses the word “inappropriate” a half dozen times in the next 90 seconds. But Mary is mature for her age and knows what she wants. It’s daughter seducing dad, and there’s nothing sexier than when women push men to be more perverted. Male on female “seduction” is almost always just trickery or coercion. Power dynamics are fine if they’re done well, but they’re awful when done poorly, and we’ve all seen it a million times before. Women are most to die for when they remind us that we are absolutely powerless when they weaponize sex—I’ll take that over daddy punishing daughter for forgetting her chores any and every day of the week. Here we’ve got a babe telling daddy that it’s okay to fuck her, she knows he wants to. Indeed, she’s hip to his browser history. Dad is mortified that she knows about his porn habit, but that mortification is an aphrodisiac as well. “Tell me you don’t want it,” she challenges. “Tell me you don’t want it and I won’t.”

Her hands run down his strong chest to his crotch: “You could just say ‘yes.’” And with that, daddy relents with an exhaled “yes” and Mary gives us a big smile. She goes to her knees and unstraps a nice cock. That wide mouth and those full lips get to work. I’d never heard of Kenna James before this release, but the girl can suck dick. She bobs up and down with seriously good rhythm and twist, hardly using her hands and keeping her ass perked up over her ankles. I doubt any one of you will manage to stay soft by the time she says “You like your little girl’s mouth wrapped around your dick?” But most of the dirty talk has a higher purpose: she is keen on reminding him that this is just a warm up, that daddy’s cock fundamentally belongs elsewhere.

I won’t give you a blow-by-blow, but the sex is great. Miss James is immaculate and has the most evenly-shaded skin of all time. And there’s something much hotter about a girl saying “Daddy, give me your cum” than “Daddy, this is so wrong.” All in all, we can officially say that there now exists wholesome, hot incest porn.


“The Family Tradition” opens with Paula (Ashley Adams) in a bathroom looking scared. Fear is an interesting emotion to set a porno’s atmosphere to, and the viewer can’t help but be intrigued. That intrigue is doubled when her expression turns to determination and she dons a fuzzy bunny bathrobe, complete with a hood that sports ears. What on Earth is going on? She comes out to the living room, where mom and dad are watching TV. It’s clear that mom is in a world of pain with some serious illness, and she heads to bed. After drinking down some medicine, she conks out. And the second she does, dad (Dick Chibbles) gives a look so menacing your dick gets goosebumps. Paula asks if he would mind doing it in her room, tonight. “No. We’re going to do it here, like we always do.” She crawls across the bed towards him and the last thing he says before whipping out his dick is, “Enough of this ‘step-dad’ shit. This is my house and you’ll call me ‘Dad.’ Is that clear?” With the same look of fear we got earlier, Paula says, “Yes, Daddy.”

Daddy face-fucks her and he means business. He plugs her nose, gags her, and slaps her, all while slumbering mom lingers in the soft-focus background. It’s undeniably hot. If any sex act should be shot with malice, it’s face-fucking. The sounds alone are enough to get you off, all of her choking, sputtering, and retching. The use of the word “daddy” is used to heighten the dominance and it gets the job done. At one point, Mr. Chibbles has her pull the robe down to show off her tits and compliments her for wearing the lingerie he bought her. “Yes, Daddy,” she says before opening wide once again. He compares her talents to her mother’s before smacking her on the back of the head hard several times. It’s brutal, and by the time she starts to show some enthusiasm, you wonder if it’s Stockholm syndrome.

Later, she asks again if they can go to her room; you know, so that they’re not right next to her unconscious mother. “Shut the fuck up,” daddy warns. When they start to fuck in missionary, they lie right next to mom. Later, she starts to ride him. “Look at your mom while you fuck me,” daddy commands. Later still, he has her “thank mommy” for marrying him, so she could get this good dick in her life. This is fucking malicious, but it’s fucking hot, too. Like it or not, our sexuality is a cruel mistress.

Mega Malice

“Family Swapping” isn’t as incestuous as you’d assume. Arguably, it’s not incestuous at all. What happens is this: two families are part of an international, and totally platonic, “cultural exchange program.” It’s like studying abroad, but more family-oriented. That’s what the two girls have been told, anyway. In reality, the two families had a meeting of the minds and realized that each party would rather have a live-in fuck toy than their own flesh-and-blood daughter. So they set up this ruse to make their sick dreams come true. This is, in effect, kidnapping, not incest. And it presupposes that these two “families” are happy to never see one of their own children again so long as the payoff is a young sex slave. That is fucked up. Way too fucked up. The “malice” quotient has entered the realm of evil. I don’t watch kidnapping porn with a family angle that makes it even more disturbed. That shit is for Extreme Associates. I get that Pure Taboo is edgy, and I love their stuff, but this is way too much. Everyone’s got a line, and this porno crossed mine. I didn’t finish it and it didn’t even begin to finish me.