God gave me this agony
To bring me nearer to Him
God silenced the cacophony
And sent a righteous hymn

Satan gave me this pleasure
To distract me from Heaven
From cock to coke to Her
Hedon’s wheel does always spin

God sent down this misery
Like a whale it enveloped me
God then turned it to clarity
Now spit out, I can see

Satan sent me to bed
Satan ensured I was fed
Satan kept me satisfied
And of course, occupied

But God’s grace in depression
Was not just a sign but a weapon
A saber, a hatchet—a gun

What we call bliss is an ever-passing haze
It can only be stretched in so many ways
But its fruits are few and far between
A poor reap is not hard to glean

Agony has a knack for lasting longer
Like lives of slavery, toil, or solitude
But none of that must make you bitter
There is redemption in gratitude

A saber, a hatchet—a gun
A hammer, a dagger, a bow
Armed in agony, do not run
To Elysian Fields you’ll go

Praise be to God for this gift of utter agony
For it’s what grants us our moral clarity
With your wisdom, I’ll set out and select a target
And send a message the heathen can’t forget

Because the devil’s fields are barren
Pleasure is a harvest but not a seed
Rise to fill and deliver a violent need
God built and bettered you to kill the sin