Arnold got an Uber home expecting to see himself evicted, but it turned out that somebody had paid his rent. His car was also sitting in the parking lot. He checked his bank account and all of his money was there. He went to the mailbox and found a letter from his attorney explaining the DA had dropped the charges and he was a free man. Arnold went out to eat and then went delivery driving as if nothing had happened.

Arnold got another computer and logged into the dark web once again, looking for information on VPN vulnerabilities of the sort that was his undoing. He found the account of his algorithm and how it failed.

Arnold laughed and thought to himself, “I couldn’t show my work because I didn’t know the answer.” He realized there was nothing there, but if not, what was meaningful? Where is the one in the many? Arnold reflected upon his life and stumbled upon the only sure thing: he was a loser. Everything he did turned to shit; he had the anti-Midas touch. That was a fact more certain than that the sun will rise tomorrow.

Arnold took his car to the highest freeway overpass in Atlanta on the Tom Moreland interchange and drove off at the highest point.

And so his days were over.


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