Some people read Culture of Critique
and become Nazis
I read it and decided
to join the winning side
I’m already circumcised
so I’ll have a ceremonial bris
where James Deen
sucks me off
I’ll make aliyah
marry a milk truck
who George Floyds Palestinians
with her voluminous rack
I’ll get a job at Mossad’s
info warfare division
tell groypers I’m glad about
the U.S.S. Liberty
and my only regret is that the ship
didn’t sink
my rabbi will give me an interest-free loan
to buy out ruined storefronts
in the Twin Cities
and turn them into mixed-use developments
for the Agenda 21 prison planet
I’ll do contract work for Blacked
as the cuck
and get HIV from the money shots
eventually I’ll run for office
they’ll make me Defense Minister
I’ll make an angry speech to Congress
and compare President Biden to Hitler
to rapturous applause
this is all your fault
if you hadn’t fucked me out of a job
I wouldn’t have fucked with the ADL
G-d please destroy the white race
but not yet