The erotic dream Jessie had at 2:36 AM was something new. A cross between a large man and a snake was spooning her before he started anal intercourse. Jessie responded actively and moaned. After five minutes, she began to come out of her dream. In her half-awake/half-dream state, she began to suspect that it wasn’t a dream. She asked “Charles?” but then remembered her husband had been dead for 15 years and whatever was in bed with her was nothing like Charles and did something that Charles never did. The arm that was draped over her was twice as large as Charles’.

Jessie was practical to the extent that some of her family and friends were amazed at how well she responded to crises. Rather than scream, which would have done no good, she asked “Who are you and how did you get here?” She had begun to wonder if one of her crazier friends set up the attack.

“First question: I’m a night demon or monster, whichever you prefer. Second question: I came in with you when got back from visiting your friend Judy. I’ll leave when you want me to.”

Jessie ignored the last part “That’s impossible. I would have seen you.”

“No, my people can turn invisible. We don’t even exist in the daylight.”

Jessie knew none of that made sense, but what was true?

“Turn on the light and judge for yourself.”

The light revealed a huge, bald muscular humanoid largely covered with scales. Whatever it was had a flat nose and holes for ears.

Jessie was stunned, but asked “Why are you here?”

“We night demons are benefactors of the human race. I heard your calls with friends about your frustration with dating since Charles died: the bad hygiene, the egotists who thought they were doing you a favor, and the sexual duds. I thought that I could help you, but obviously I can’t go on a dating site. I was able to gather your wants and needs and acted on them. If I got it wrong, I can leave now. I’m afraid that you can’t take legal action against a night demon.”

After a long silence, the night demon asked “Thoughts?”

“Don’t go yet.”

The night demon stayed for many hours that night and returned every Wednesday.