Humankind, your name is Abomination!

You are a rampaging cancer leaving wounds and pustulent chancres wherever you set foot. You eat into my skin boring great gouging holes to my very heart. You grow corpulent on your poisonous and noxious emissions, making the very air unbreathable and destroying the ozone keeping you alive, while simultaneously polluting the water that sustains life.

You build squalid honeycombs of interconnected boxes, paving the fertile ground with asphalt and concrete until nothing may grow. You artificially produce tons of food and grain that lie rotting in warehouses while the multitudes of your progeny go unfed. You are incapable of understanding the concept of self-preservation.

In my natural order, only the sick and diseased foul their nests. The nests of humankind secrete plagues and pandemics that decimate more than your own population. You continue propagating yourselves, achieving unconscionable and unsustainable numbers.

You soulless germ set up figureheads of self-effacing Gods made in your own image to prove a non-existent superiority to my natural forms. These Gods say your bodies are your temples. I am your body! I am your temple! You defile me.

In my order, the weak, and sick, and aged die naturally, leaving only the strongest capable of survival. The best of the species remain to improve the breeds. You parasites breed uncontrollably with females perpetually in estrus. You artificially maintain the semblance of life for a growing number of old, infirm, and ill, without a twinge of the conscience a true God would have instilled.

You send the young and able-bodied to die for platitudes that, at best, are abstract notions subject to caprice and political fancy. Then you exterminate multitudes of species having an honest claim to the planet you ravage.

You have no natural enemy but yourself. Different colors or creeds you may be. Yet under the skin you are all the same. The only purpose you serve is to destroy.

You, bastard mutants that you are, grow stronger with my every effort to destroy you. I’ve sent floods, fires, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and even glaciers to eliminate all semblances. Yet, you remain.

I, too, shall die at your hands before you can escape my grasp. In so doing, I shall finally destroy you; for without me, you cannot survive.