I lost my train of thought. Oh yes, yes.
So she walked over to her husband
wearing her marigolds and tapped him on
the shoulder (wearing her marigolds)
and she asked him something. I don’t remember
what but she asked him something and
the husband turned around, looked down
at her marigolds then looked at her face
and noticed something. I don’t remember
what but he noticed something then suddenly
he started pulling away and she asked, “Why are
you pulling away?” but he didn’t answer. Instead
he walked backwards and fell down the stairs.
They were upstairs you see. So he falls down
the stairs, she screams, runs to him (wearing
her marigolds) and cries for help. Their son,
having heard all the screaming and the sound
of his father falling down the stairs, runs down
and they both crouch over him. The son (he’s a
teenager, you know?), the son puts his ear to his
father’s chest then two fingers to his father’s
neck and looks at his mother. His mother
throws him a questioning glance. She wants
answers. And the answer is this. “Mum, I’m sorry
but it looks like dad broke his neck”. Mum gasps
and shouts, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!”
and puts her arms around her dead husband.
From this day on she will blame herself for
his death. Why? “Well, I tapped him on
the shoulder and scared him down
the stairs”, she would say.

But that isn’t true. The truth is, her husband
found mushrooms in his son’s bedroom and decided
to take a cheeky ride down psychedelic lane
(for old times’ sake). When his wife tapped him
on the shoulder, he didn’t see his wife’s head,
he saw a monster’s head. A deformed blob with
a robotic voice. That frightened him. So he backed
away from the monster with the marigolds, didn’t see
that he was heading towards the stairs and fell and
broke his neck and died.

The moral of the story being: if you love your dad,
do a better job at hiding your drugs.