One of the absolute best reasons to not commit suicide is the fact that there’s a good chance you’ll get to fuck again before you die of whatever other cause. I cannot believe that this is not brought up more often. Fucking is great, and you’re set to get more of it relatively soon. Even if you go a year without it, which would be an agonizingly long time, you are still gonna get it again.

Whenever I am seriously considering killing myself, I manage to not think about this. The haze of depression is real, and my last sentence confirms it. Why die when you could fuck? How is it possible that there is a mental illness so intense that you forget about the fact that you are going to eat pussy again? Yet this is the case.

It sometimes blows my mind that I have gotten to have all the sex that I have had. I should be infinitely appreciative. If I never have sex ever again, it would still be unfair. This really hit me when I watched an interview with Dana Vespoli and she was asked about ass-to-mouth. Her reply? That she has never done it in her personal life aside from one time with a fellow performer. She said it’s just a porn thing, that nobody really does it. I have done it with more than one woman. The first time I ever kissed a girl immediately after eating her ass was at age 16. This would suggest I am regularly having kinkier sex than A-list pornographers. That cannot be right, but why would Dana Vespoli lie? It’s a filmed interview, and she certainly does not seem to be lying. I am not that attractive. Attractive, sure. But not A-list anything. How is this possible?

Remind me of this the next time I send you suicidal text messages like a piece of shit. I have gone ass-to-mouth in my personal life with more partners than Dana Vespoli. I have no right to be unhappy ever.