“You feelin’ the power of muh dik? Dat’s feelin’ so good. So pure,” Chief Super Staff Sergeant Blaq Supreme said as he yanked his penis out of Ensign Ashley Mariscino.

A gush of Blaq Supreme’s jism splattered on the floor. “Yeh, dere it is. My purity, it is now in you babe, muh seed, muh power. I haven’t put in a guidette ho before.”

Ensign Ashley Mariscino’s legs quivered and she slumped against the bulkhead of the V-22 Osprey en route to Taiwan. Her eyes flashed that Kewpie doll “I-just-got-fucked-good” look at Chief Super Staff Sergeant Blaq Supreme: 6’2” skinny ripped body. His narrow, boyish waist contrasted with the bulging biceps standing out on his wiry arms.

She moaned and her tights quivered at his manliness.

Chief Super Staff Sergeant Blaq Supreme looked at his men, licking his lips. “You see, men, the slave drivers, the overseers, the KKK, the racist Jim Crow Southerners, the neo-Nazis, the alt-right, nor Trump and the racist Russians couldn’t stop the power. The supremacy of the African man is because we have the power of the penis, the power of our sex, and the more we get it on, the more powerful we become. I just blessed this Becky bitch Italian ho with the power of my African seed. MUH POWER! She now has it! See how she is overcome by it! We gonna fuck the shit out of these racist Chinese mothafuckas! You brothas hear me!”

Twelve Super Negro Airborne Rangers answered in unison, “We hear you, Chief Super Staff Sergeant Blaq Supreme! Hoooaaaah!”

“Now pull dem drawers down and receive my gift of the African mystery. Get muh power!” Chief Super Staff Sergeant Blaq Supreme said and sparked up a blunt. He slithered out of his uniform, exposing his black supremeness to the first man in the chalk, Special Private First Class Dawkins, a light-skinned negro.

Chief Super Staff Sergeant Blaq Supreme looked him over. “You gonna be first, boy. You ain’t pure nigger. Yo momma white?”
“Yes, Chief Supreme Black Super Sergeant, my momma was a white bitch,” Private Special First Class Dawkins shouted with elan.

“I fucked a lot of white bitches in my time, good pussy, show the white man he don’t have the power of the black penis, maybe I fucked yo’ momma,” Super Sergeant Chief Blaq Supreme took Special Private First Class Dawkins’ chin, “open that mouth and receive.”

And Super Sergeant Blaq Supreme thrust his sort-of-girthy seven-inch dick into Private First Class Special Dawkins’ mouth.

As he was jack hammering Dawkins’ mouth, Ensign White Bitch looked on, rubbing her tits.

Super Sergeant Chief Blaq Supreme pointed to Second Super Sergeant Mr. T-Bone and said, “YO! Give these boys da’ POWER!”

That was enough. Second Super Sergeant Mr. T-Bone pulled off his pants and gear, exposing his prison muscled physique offset with a five KFC-bucket-of-chicken-a-day gut. All 350 pounds of Second Sergeant Super Mr. T-Bone grabbed the nearest private and raped his skinny negro ass.

The new Super Airborne Ranger Negro was frightened.

As Super Second Sergeant Mr. T-Bone was pushing his shit in, it came back out as a watery mess.

“Man, muhfuckin’ bitch!” Second Sergeant Super Mr. T-Bone slapped the back of the private’s head hard, then dropped his bulk on the skinny ass nigger, pushing up and in before blowing his load. “Dat’s to teach you to be holdin’ yo’ shit, muhfucka bitch nigga.”

He stood up, wiping the shit off his dick using his rape victim’s ‘fro as a rag, “Who be next?” And he eyed up the next private giving a wink and a nod to Super Chief Sergeant Blaq Supreme, who returned the wink as he buttfucked a corporal.

Special Private First Class Dawkins was spoon-fucking Ensign Mariscino while crying like a bitch into her blonde hair.

“There, there, my poor, powerful black boy. It’s going to be alright, give Momma that soul pole,” she said softly to him and moaned.


The floor of the Osprey was covered in a smattering of cum, shit, piss, and blood 20 minutes later. Super Sergeant Chief Blaq Supreme was lighting blunts and passing them out to the men while dancing to Yung Blue Balls singing “We gonna! (Fuck it Up)” in an AutoTuned girly falsetto.

Ensign Mariscino was naked and quivering in a massive puddle of cum after each man in the chalk had his way with her white pussy.

The crew chief came back into the loading bay. Crinkling his nose at the smell, he shouted, “20 minutes until we reach the drop zone.”

“Aiiit white boy, we be ready!” Special Private First Class Dawkins said.

They all re-dressed and got into their HALO rigs.

Ensign Mariscino clutched her uniform shirt to her chest, ignoring the door mounted M134 minigun she was supposed to be manning.

Second Super Sergeant Mr. T-Bone put his rigging on in the buff. “I don’t need no sissy-assed white man’s uniform; muh black skin must show to terrify dem chink monkey muhfuckas.”

The twelve Super Airborne Ranger Negroes lined up, waddling wide-assed into position.

Ensign Mariscino stood at the ramp in her white black conquered nakedness.

The “go” light turned green.

She lowered the loading ramp and saluted the Ranger Negroes, pert nipples turning hard, blonde, disheveled hair billowing about her hard Navy body.

And slipped in a puddle of cum-laced diarrhea, flying out the door screaming, tossed about on the Osprey’s downwash to the Earth 2,000 feet below.

Second Sergeant Super Mr. T-Bone exhorted the Negro Rangers in a voice that could have been from an old negro spiritual, “Let’s go, men! And get those Trump bucks!”

PLA anti-aircraft fire lit up the dark sky.

Green tracers and rocket afterburner trails cut through the early morning.

Super Chief Staff Sergeant Blaq Supreme was the first out the door.

He cried out as he entered into freefall, “WAKANDA!!!”

Second Sergeant Super Mr. T-Bone followed and deployed his parachute right at the door (he thought he was grabbing a chicken drumstick from his stash and pulled the rip cord instead).

The Osprey’s rotors caught his chute and the props splattered his black ass against the side of the aircraft.

Anti-aircraft fire caught Special Private First Class Dawkins a hundred feet below the Osprey.

A 20-millimeter explosive projectile ripped through his navel, turning him into flying hamburger helper.

Four more men jumped into the early pre-dawn hour.

The remaining five men shirked and devolved into a cuddle puddle after they closed the door.

There was much penis touching for comfort as the Osprey returned to base.

Two more Super Airborne Ranger Negroes were taken by sniper fire after they pulled their chutes.

When they hit the ground, Super Staff Sergeant Chief Blaq Supreme rallied the two remaining men to him. “All right, muh niggers! This is what we spent the last month training for. Follow me!” He lead them through the dark until they found a hidden clearing in the bamboo.

“All right, muh niggers, we got to prepare to hit this relay tower on that ridge,” Super Chief Staff Sergeant Blaq Supreme took out his compass, “due northeast 3 clicks from here.”

One of the remaining privates got a sullen look on his face. “I can’t do dis shit, man, why we’s doin’ this, we’s already got our money. Tell me why! Tell me why, Daddy!?”

Super Sergeant Chief Blaq Supreme kissed him and grabbed the private’s privates, rubbing him into an erection. “Because we have to teach these nigger-hating yellow bitch monkey white supremacists of our power right here. Let me do you a favor.”

Super Chief Staff Sergeant pulled out the private’s dick and stroked it. “Ye, ye, that’s a real big soul pole boy, lotsa black power in there,” he said as he knelt before the private and the other private came around behind the boy and rammed his cock up the man’s Negro Ranger ass.

The big, black cock got super hard in Super Chief Staff Sergeant’s hand. “I bet you never had an erection like this.”

The private moaned as the other private got into a daggering rhythm.

Transfixed, he started to shoot strings of cum.

“There’s dat black power. Dat pure black power,” said Staff Chief Super Sergeant Blaq Supreme before a huge wad of jism sprayed all over his face as the daggering nigger pounded away at the private’s prostate and emptied his load in the man’s rectum.

“Now that we are ready—!”

Fire from the PLA’s Sea Dragon Jiaolong Assault Team tore through the bamboo, killing the pantsless privates.

Super Chief Staff Sergeant Blaq Supreme grabbed his rifle and charged, bellowing out, “BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!”

Before he stepped on an anti-tank mine and exploded in a fiery flash.

The Jiaolong Assult Team closed in; its black-clad men scoped out the area.

They found the two dead niggers and the mess that was Super Sergeant Chief Staff Blaq Supreme.

His penis lay at the feet of one trooper; he kicked it out of the way and it spasmed in one last twitch.

The trooper said, “它没有那么大。来吧,伙计们,让我们再去杀一些这些猴子的混蛋!”