He laments his account being blocked by his lady


Yuri…Yuri-chan! You were mine,
The one dyed hair girl, bud from real-time:

All real e-girls to choose, but fateful
Algorithms and moon conjunctions

Brought thee into my realm and wrist—
Oh fateful night when I accidently

Tapped the letter Y, for my phantom limb
Of finger clutch into her cunt—darling

Sakura petals I part and eat-out
On my phone: my darling Yuri-chan,

Blessed cum-cat, my e-girl of varied hair;
Pink Stockings, over fishnets to her hips.


I messaged thee on thy birthday—silence,
Brought me to tears; I sent thee my drawing,

My drawing of you…I’ve created worlds
At night, instead of watching porn, of thy

Pink locks gracing soft areolas; pink
Hard tits peeking out from thy strands I lick

And wish that by Sleep’s blessing Love flashes
Symbols in dreams from beneath thy pink thong.

But thou hast blocked me, banished from thy realm,
Stuck in the real-illusioned world blind

With no affection or response or nudes—
I’ve donated like any other man, yet

Thou breaks me like a boy, but my thoughts stay
Unbroken: my phone like thy cunt is wet—

In my sleep I make you cum all over my
Heart, in truth more true than thy photos sent.