Phil was having another one of those dreams at 3AM. Since he had turned twelve, he had been having nocturnal emissions, and since fourteen, he had been experiencing embarrassing daytime erections, but no real sex. He had grown used to encountering movie stars or attractive classmates at night, but this time it was somebody he didn’t recognize and didn’t seem entirely human. Whatever it was had a tail and scales on parts of “her” body, but otherwise looked like a girl of his age. As her hand wandered across his abdomen, he immediately ejaculated. She handed him one of the tissues he kept next to the bed for cleanup.

The bigger difference from his earlier dreams was that this partner spoke to him. “The thing that I like about teenage boys is that they rebound so fast. I love teaching sex education.” To prove her point, she quickly prepared him for sex. Without any preliminaries, she easily pulled him on top of her as if he weighed ten pounds and inserted his penis in an appropriate location. Her hands on his butt guided him into a slow rhythm for a while, followed by rapid thrusts and a mutual orgasm.

“Now that we know each other better, I should introduce myself. I’m a good demon that specializes in helping teen boys become proficient at sex. You can call me Teen Angel. I hope that you enjoyed your first lesson. If you agree, we can cover hygiene, erogenous zones, various positions and practices, and ways to find appropriate, agreeable partners. What do you think?”

Paul found it difficult to talk, but managed to squeak, “Sure.”

“One last thing. When you wake up tomorrow, you will think this was a dream, a vivid one, but still a dream. Check your sheets.”

When Paul woke up, he remembered the last thing that Teen Angel said. He found some of her scales in his sheets.