In barely a month of operation, Terror House Magazine has continued to grow at a massive pace. Traffic continues to increase to the point where it will soon overtake, and we’re now able to publish ten original works per week (two each on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and one each for the rest of the days). As of this writing, we’ve published 55 submissions from 51 different writers, including 14 short stories, 15 poetry submissions, 21 literary nonfiction pieces, and three analysis/criticism pieces. We’ve also attracted a number of big names to the magazine, including Jay Dyer, Adam PiggottSean Kilpatrick, Colin Liddell, Larsen Halleck, and many more.

We’ve also been receiving manuscripts for the launch of Terror House Press, including one manuscript that may well be the most controversial book of the decade. The massive success of outsider books such as Bronze Age Mindset and The Pussy shows that there’s a huge audience for outsider literature, and I intend to provide it.

Because of this, I’m looking for your help to keep Terror House growing. Terror House is going places, and here are three ways you can help us grow.

1. Submit your work.

Very soon, I will be able to publish 14 original works a week—perhaps more—on Terror House Magazine. If you have short stories, literary nonfiction, poems, or other creative works that you want published, we want to see them. Click here for our submission guidelines and email.

2. Send in your manuscripts.

We’re looking for novels, novellas, memoirs, poetry chapbooks, and other creative works for Terror House Press. We want innovative, entertaining books, the kind that most publishers won’t touch. We’re primarily interested in fiction, poetry, and literary nonfiction, so email us here if your manuscript fits the bill.

3. Donate to us.

Terror House is looking to expand in a number of ways over the next few months, including paying all of our contributors (instead of just merely paying the best contributor each month) and launching Terror House Press. To do all this, we need money. Additionally, while I enjoy working on Terror House Magazine, the increasing workload of the site—I’m responsible for editing all submissions—is leaving me less and less time to do things that actually pay the bills, and the only money the site currently makes is the pennies from our Amazon affiliate links.

Terror House will rise to the top, but we can do it faster with your support. For all donation options (including cryptocurrency) and more information about our expansion plans, please click here.

Additionally, I’m currently creating a business plan for major investors. If you’re interested, email me at admin [at] terrorhousemag [dot] com and I’ll send it to you.

Thanks for reading Terror House Magazine and making it a success so far. My hope is that with your support, both it and the future Terror House Press will become the leading names in outsider literature.

This article was originally published at on June 18, 2018.