I’ve been teasing some big news related to Terror House Magazine for a while now, and while I’ve mentioned it in some other venues, I’ve been holding back on a formal announcement. However, I believe now is the perfect time to tell the world that Terror House Press is coming very soon.

Back when I launched Terror House in May, I said that my original reason for creating this site was to form a book publisher. I figured that it would take me six months to a year to acquire the financing necessary for the project. However, Terror House Magazine has grown so rapidly that I am now able to launch Terror House Press ahead of schedule.

In addition, I’m also pleased to announce that in addition to Letters from a Heartbroken Pervert (and a number of as-of-yet unannounced projects), Terror House Press will be publishing Andy Nowicki’s upcoming novel The Invisible Twins, his first fiction release in over four years. We will also be bringing his 2012 novel Heart Killer and his 2014 short story collection This Malignant Mirage back into print.

Andy Nowicki is an American novelist and a long-time friend of mine, the author of numerous best-selling and award-winning works such as The Columbine Pilgrim, Under the Nihiland Lost Violent SoulsI’ve named him in the past as one of the foremost modern authors of “loser lit,” my neologism for writers following in the Célinean tradition of radical honesty and self-abasement.

Nowicki’s works focus on sex and the destruction it causes to human relationships. In his world, sexual desire is Cthulhu, a monster that consumes all in its wake. From sexless spree shooters spurred on by years of bullying to lonely female therapists in love with their younger male clients, Nowicki’s stories and novels weave a tapestry of pain and torment. His works also tussle with conspiracy theories and alternate history, blending verisimilitude, dark humor, and frankness into a delicious stew. I don’t know of a writer who captures the modern sexual zeitgeist as well as Nowicki does.

Several months back, when I learned that Nowicki was working on a new novel, a sequel to Heart Killer, I asked him if he’d be interested in publishing it with Terror House. He agreed, and followed up by asking me if I’d be interested in republishing his novel Heart Killer, whose publisher, ER Books, went out of business some time ago. I said I’d love to and also offered to republish This Malignant Mirage, which was also put out by ER Books; he agreed to that, so we’re off to the races.

Released in 2012, I believe Heart Killer is Nowicki’s finest work to date. A blend of murder mystery, erotica, and science fiction, Heart Killer revolves around an FBI profiler sent to a high school to investigate an epidemic of teenage girls being shot through the heart. During her investigation, she meets a dorky student who she suspects of being the “Cordelia Heart-Killer,” leading her down a rabbit hole of madness.

Published in 2014, I described This Malignant Mirage as “an anti-sexual sex story” when I reviewed it. More explicit than Nowicki’s previous works, This Malignant Mirage drags the reader into a world of carnal torture, plumbing the depths of human depravity. Though formally unconnected, each story builds on the next, heightening your disgust and setting you up to be completely wiped out by the end.

The Terror House re-releases of Heart Killer and This Malignant Mirage will be well worth the wait, featuring hardcover editions (for the first time!) and new cover art. Heart Killer will also feature a new foreword by me and an afterword by Nowicki himself, reflecting back on the novel and his own work. The Invisible Twins will be published some time after (when Nowicki is done writing it).

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped make the Terror House brand a runaway success so far, whether it’s through your financial support, your submissions, or you merely reading our work. Without you, this revolution would not be possible. While we still have a ways to go before Terror House Press can launch in earnest, all the support and encouragement I’ve received have made it possible to take this project to the next level. (You can continue to help out our work by donating here.)

Stay tuned for more updates soon.

This article was originally published at MattForney.com on August 30, 2018.