translated by Xi Nan

#Text Codes# 11111100001010 The Gap in the Mountains

Watching two cranes falling in love
in a window with a view of the mountains
Sometimes they become one
sometimes they turn around and go away
When they turn around
the gap is like a “victory” hand gesture
Sometimes they walk side by side
but such moments are pitifully rare
Most of the time
they repeatedly repeatedly make
a huge mistake
In the window with a view of the mountains
the wind is coming from the ancient times
the sky is high and deep, the green mountains are endless
while I am watching two cranes falling in love

#Text Codes# 101010101010101010

I am an explorer.
My younger brother works in ICU, palliative care.
I’ve been to the eyes of the earth,
the navel of the earth,
the calves and arms of the earth.
My younger brother never leaves the town,
many years ago, we were born there.
I return from time to time.
Returning from the outside.
Returning from the distance and the deep.
Returning from all directions.
My younger brother has been waiting for me,
to come back, and collect half of my life.
Younger brother never gets away from a sickbed.
In the direction he gazes,
there is a place that some have been to, within an easy reach.
I haven’t been there yet.
No one ever returned from there.

#Text Codes# 0111100 Take Off

Do you see my nucleus
I take off the jacket
take off the T-shirt
take off the underwear
take off the skin
take off the blood-surging heart
take off the pink bones
Do you see my nucleus
When you are a fetus
in my womb
I also face you like a fetus
Those black, red, faint, light
Those ancient times circling endlessly behind us
I’ll tell you about the place we came from
Do you see my nucleus
It demands negatrons to form an empty city to privatize this nucleus
If I take it out
the whole real world would be perished

About the Translator

Xi Nan (西楠) was born in China, writes and translates, indie publisher of Xi Nan & Fish Lu STUDIO, London. Her blog is here.