In the whirlwind world of my words, you can find yourself
in hyphens and colons, spinning and spiraling in the torrent
of raging creativity…
You strive to find your name amidst the sprouts of grammar and
the dance of sharply-focused letters, snatched away from the
cobwebs of theory…
My thoughts appear and disappear
The Globe stays dazed, misty-eyed and out of breath
Staring at your fast retreating back/from a canvas you think
Is no longer yours…
If stayed! you could have seen yourself in between the punctuations
Of my poor, bleeding, broken heart…between ellipsis of raw emotions
thrashing within expression…
You fail to see the shapes and flee


The stunned silence is not enough
to fill the gaps between broken breaths
as the glass shard cuts through the blue
vein translucent in the once beautiful
hand that now lies frozen in the
petrified moment of time and place.
The crimson tears are adding effect
to the horrifying drama slowly unfolding
in a theatre devoid of action and audience
mesmerizing in the depth of meaning,
reaching out in its intensity to touch
the ice-clad hearts of numb statues.


In darkness those fiery eyes cast
Hypnotic spells around
the gold and black merge and part
and my own eyes dilate
that calculating stare snares
my thunderously beating heart
his lithe movements forestall mine
impeding escape
effectively caging us both
in that fateful suspended moment
I cannot flee from his golden gaze
Helplessly waiting the brutal mark
Of his dagger-sharp claws
I stand still, cold and breathless
trapped and frozen in time
engulfed in pungent odors
brushed by inhaling exhaling groans
within an inch of my weary life
I witness his transformation
as he slowly retreats in dark
with amber sparks receding.

Let Angels Fall

Anguish of knowledge rippling
beneath the calm facades
of long-denied lusts.

Honors taken, spirits broken
and flames lapping at
regally golden wings.

Majestic wrath igniting the
Hubris long curtailed in
charred confines.

Hatred slowly sprouting out
in threats and vows
blanketing centuries.

He spurned, they burned
The clash of wills loud
In Eden and beyond.

Let Angels fall from the
crystal castles of heaven
Into the fiery bowels of hell.


I feel the dance of golden rays,
my skin prickles
kiss after kiss of indulgence it lays,
my hair turn gold
pure effulgence, hard to gaze,
my eyes sting
soul trembles, the body sways
my heart aches
I feel, I breathe, I watch in daze
this brilliant shower of golden haze

I want to touch, to hold to kiss
I need the wings
this golden orb of endless bliss
I need the wings
Perfect creation with nothing amiss
I need the wings
I work, I strife, do that and this
I need the wings
my hands itch, the heart sings
Ah, finally!! I have the wings

Towards my golden love I fly
day unto night, I fly I fly
I fail, I fall, I rise again
I try I try, I fly I fly
I touch I feel, I lose the zeal
I turn to ash
I burn, I die…