One day a man came to me
He said I heard you have a lot of trepidation
I said you were right
He said can you show me
I pulled out a trepidation from my blouse pocket
He caught it
I pulled out another
And another
His hands could not carry more
Ok. Ok. That is enough.
I will return all to you.
He turned back
Clapped his hands
Not wanting to keep a little crumb
I saw he walked to a faraway place
To the crowd to say
She did not cheat us
She really has many trepidations
She put them all
Into the pockets of her blouse

Polishing Photos

Sent retouched photos
To my father
His feedback
Let me realize that
Melancholy and exhaustion
Cannot be polished away


I entered the room with a man
About to have sex. Several women came. One of them was probably
A doctor. Started to interpret men’s sexual organs.
A mass
Spread in an iron basin. Complex. All
Looked with wide open eyes.
Inside was something thin and long. Like intestine. All
Said impossible.
Turned and poked in the basin. Actually, it was mixed with
A fish’s viscera. Taken away.


Her lover came
To live
Her/her husband/her child
On the second floor
Stayed still for long
Like an invisible elephant
Observed how
Her/her husband/her child
Lived together
Draped in a big fluffy blanket
She chased her child running upstairs
Her child was hard to deal with
Her husband probably not much better
After a while her lover came downstairs
Sat in a wheelchair
She went to push
Was forcibly displaced by her husband
Who spun her lover like a swirl of gust


A man walked by the house
I looked down from the window on second floor to see
Whether the tiny yellow fluttering about his coat
Was a label
Wanted to catch a person who forgot to tear off the label
Before going out