Ken woke up to the familiar scent of his own bed. He groaned weakly and tried to sit up. Instantly he heard the zip of a wire and he was sprung back to the bed. There was a blindfold over his eyes, leaving him in the dark.

“Hey! Hey—!” he called out.

The cold air on his skin told him that he was naked. Someone had taken him back into his apartment and removed his clothes.

“Is someone there?”

He wriggled his legs and heard the wires shriek again as his legs were pulled back into their position. Whoever it was had bound his arms and legs. Ken could hear something moving in the corner of the room by the door, something like fabric shifting around. Then he remembered Ruka; no, it wasn’t Ruka, it was someone in a freaky mask.

“Look, whoever is there, show yourself,” he said, trying to keep the authority in his voice. Whoever it was, they were a teenager.

Someone was humming; it was a girl’s voice.

Whoever it was, they were short, at least a head shorter than Ruka. That could be Tsukiyama; maybe she had followed him, angry about how he’d acted? Or maybe Yamamoto? She was short and in art club; maybe the mask was hers?

The girl giggled again and she almost sounded like…could it be? Yuri—had she come back from before and been jealous? Had she been confused? Had she come back from college and seen him head over heels for another girl?

“Yuri? Yuri-chan, is that you?”

“My, my, aren’t we a ladies man?” the girl whispered. She slipped onto the bed; he heard the gentle creak of the springs. He felt a foot against his hip, sliding down his leg, smooth thighs against him, and Ken let out a gasp as the girl settled on his chest, legs either side of him. He wriggled, uncomfortable, trying to throw her off.

“Look, this isn’t appropriate. Get off me.”

“That’s not very nice,” she said. “I thought you liked this kind of thing.” She wriggled and he shuddered, realising that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Thick, wiry pubic hair rubbing over his flaccid penis. Ken tried to twist onto his side, temporarily making her lose her balance and tumble off onto bed beside him.

The wires ripped him back into place. The girl giggled again, sitting upright.

“I guess not? Maybe you’re not into bondage? Blindfolds, ropes and stuff?” she said, sighing. She lent forwards, a slender breast against his shoulder as she closed the gap between them. As she pressed in close, he became aware of a strange smell. Like that of someone in December, red-nosed and sick with a cold.

“Kamishiro—” he gasped as the blindfold was peeled away.

She giggled, staring down at him. She had tied her long, scraggly black hair into a pair of high pigtails and wore a sticky cherry red lip-gloss on her thin lips. She had dotted a dark foundation over her acne scars and sat up, revealing her naked body to him. Ken recoiled, turning his gaze towards his open bedroom door where he spotted the goblin mask hanging from the doorknob, like a tie in a college dorm room.

“I told you, call me Rin-chan,” she said, stroking a hand down his chest.

“Kamishiro, untie me right now.”

“See, Sensei, I would love to,” she said, “but I don’t think we’re there yet.”

She was flat in front, like a child or a boy. Her long arms wrapped around him, her legs encased around one of his.

“Kamishiro, get off.”

“Rin-chan,” she corrected.

“Okay,” he said, taking a deep breath. “Rin-chan, please get off. You need to untie me.”

“You’re not being very fun,” she said. “Haven’t you been on a first date before? You’re meant to give a good first impression. You’re lucky that I’m already crazy about you.”

Ken felt his blood run cold.

“I never realised.”

She pouted at him, sliding back up to sit on his stomach. “See, even though you’re handsome and clever, you’re slow.” She stroked his cheek with her hand, Ken tried to not to shudder. “I’ve only had a big crush on you since first year! Do you remember how we met?”

Ken shook his head. “No, I—I don’t think so.”

She slapped him; despite her tiny stature, it stung. His eyes watered and he stared up at her in fear and confusion.

“Silly Sensei, we met on the very first day of term. I was looking for the opening ceremony and some guy from the year above stole my bag. He called me names—I’m used to that kind of thing—but then you appeared. You were with this girl, she was super tall and pretty. You guys came out of the bathroom together, you naughty boy.” She wriggled on her hips again, clumsily bucking against him. “Anyway, you told him off and gave me back my bag. You were so brave and cool. It was love at first sight. Or at least it was for me.”

“Kamishiro, Rin-chan, you need to stop this,” he said again, his voice shaking. “Do you know how much trouble I would be in if someone found us?”

“Are you disappointed that it’s me? I bet if it was that frigid prude, Ruka, you’d be up and running, all systems go…” She ground against him again. A shiver ran down his spine.

“No, no, it’s not like that. But I’m your teacher. There has to be boundaries.”

She laughed, a wheezing, shrill sound. Then she raised a fist and punched him hard in the throat. Ken gagged, twisting uncomfortably as he lurched upright. His hips bucked up against hers and Kamishiro moaned, grinding back down.

“You’re such a hypocrite,” she said. “Did you care about boundaries when you pushed Yuri Tachibana into sex? Or did you just think she was pretty?” Kamishiro sat back, moving between his legs. She touched his cock and he tried to jerk out of her grip, still gagging for air.

“I looked her up. She goes to a group for victims of sexual assault. She is totally fucked up.”

She slapped his stomach hard to make him stay still. Ken coughed for air. Kamishiro started stroking him slowly. “Hell, I even went an attended one of those sessions. You should have seen her, all red-eyed and weepy. What a baby. All you did was fuck her a few times. I bet you didn’t imagine that when you were shoving this thing in her.”

Ken felt tears brim in his eyes. He tried to pull away, tried to clench his eyes shut and stop his body from reacting to her.

“How about Cana Yamazaki?”

“Stop, Kamishiro!”

“I checked her out as well. That was one fucked-up girl.” Kamishiro was squeezing him gently, one hand moving up and down steadily as she talked. “Her mother pimped her out when she was only five years old. She was the number one girl to all those dirty old men in town until the government came and took her away. Could you tell how worn in she was? Did you notice that you were shagging someone so freaking damaged? I bet you were distracted by her tits.”

He jerked his right knee up and caught her hard between the legs. Kamishiro released him and fell forwards, sliding off the bed. Ken started thrashing and struggling. The wires tugged back tight against the frame. Kamishiro sat up and fixed him with a cold, dead-eyed glance he liked even less than her lovesick smile.

“That hurt,” she said. “You should be more careful. I’m a minor after all. I’m delicate. You could really hurt me. I wonder how this could look to an outsider.”

He stayed still. His erection flushed against his stomach.

“Kamishiro, untie me right now and we won’t talk about this again.”

“You’re hurting my feelings,” she said. “Aren’t I cute to you? I’m your type. I’m in your care. I’m too young to make my own decisions in the eyes of the state. And I’m besotted with you. That’s what you want. I get that. Do you think any of those others did?”

That little bitch, talking like she got him, like she knew what he was about. All she did was float around in her own little world and stink up the place with her bad breath. Stalking him and sending him love notes. Trying to talk like he was the bad guy. He never abducted any of those girls. They didn’t do anything they didn’t want to do.

Who the fuck was Kamishiro to look those girls up and dump them on his doorstep?

If Yuri thought he assaulted her, she could have gone to someone. She didn’t. She knew she was shameless. She was flaunting herself. The shameless little slut—!

With Cana, if she never told him about being whored out as a child, that was on her. She didn’t want to talk about it. She was mature enough to make that kind of choice. She didn’t turn him away. He wasn’t like those men. The girls he longed for were young women, not children. Whatever happened to her before, it did not continue with him.

And who the fuck was Kamishiro to bring this to him?

“I don’t want to do this!” he snarled. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. You ignorant little bitch! I would never look twice at you! You untie me right now and get the fuck out of my apartment!”

Kamishiro had eyes like ice. She climbed to her feet and turned and walked out of the room. The bedroom door slammed behind her.

Ken felt his heart pounding in his chest. He tried to wriggle his hands free. He thought he heard the thud of the front door.

Was she gone?

Ken dropped his head back against the pillows. His breathing returning to normal. He could shout for help now? One of his neighbours might hear. He could pretend that he was messed around by some girl. A woman, not a pupil. He was a young man. The divorced salaryman who lived in Flat 903 would remember what it was like to be a bachelor.

Then he spotted the wriggle of the door handle. Kamishiro peeked out at him from the crack. The icy stare was gone. She smiled with all her teeth.

“You sure like to make me do all the work, don’t you? I bet you’re the kind of lover who never goes downstairs on his bedmate,” she said. “Don’t worry. I think that kind of stuff is gross.” She entered the room, carrying a large rucksack with her. Kamishiro dumped it on the floor and sat on the side of the bed.

“Kamishiro, you need to leave.”

“I told you to call me Rin-chan. For a teacher, you don’t respond well to instructions, do you?” She bent down and to Ken’s horror, produced a butcher knife. She smiled at him again, giggling as she ran a finger along the blade. “I thought I’d bring a little incentive. Something to make you work hard.”

Ken felt his heart lodge itself into his throat.

“Remember, don’t scream, Sensei. Someone might come and check on us. I left the front door unlocked. One of your neighbours might pop in and misunderstand.” She stroked a hand along his thigh. “I could tell them that you’re a pervert who likes to be tied up. That you said you’d stop all those nasty girls from picking on me at school if I did whatever dirty thing you wanted.”

“Don’t touch me,” he snarled.

“You kicked me pretty hard earlier. I bruise like a peach…although I wouldn’t advise doing that again.” She raised the knife up high. A silent scream formed in Ken’s mouth. She slammed it down hard between his legs. The blade pierced the fabric of the quilt and comforter beneath him. Ken’s body thrashed, wriggling back away. Kamishiro bounced on the bed and the handle of the lodged butcher knife brushed against his testicles.

Ken felt tears stream down his cheeks.

“Don’t cry, baby,” she purred. “I wouldn’t cut you there.” She reached down and dragged the knife out of the mattress. “I just wanted you to see how serious I am.” She put the knife down on his thigh and started to fondle his softened penis.

His voice seemed to fall back into some distant part inside himself. Her hand was small and rough. She closed her fist around his cock as she started to pump him. Ken closed his thighs and gasped softly. This seemed to please her as she kept going. Her eyes on him trembling body as he lay, spread out for her.

“Kamishiro, please, I can’t—”

“You can,” she said.

He was hard when she retracted her hand. He closed his eyes and felt tears brimming and blinding his vision. Ken’s heart was racing in his chest. Then he froze as he felt her slide something plastic and restricting around his cock, bringing it to the base of his erection. It tightened and held him stiff.

He glanced down in shock and saw a fluorescent pink ring around his cock.

“That hurts, take it off!” he snapped at her.

“Something tells me you’ll have trouble keeping an erection,” Kamishiro said sulkily. “You’ve made it quite clear that I’m not the type you’d usually go for.”

It pinched around his skin, the blood pulsed in his erect penis. Ken gasped in pain and turned his face away towards the pillow.

“It isn’t my first time,” she said. “But I’m not the most experienced girl in the world, I’ve never been on top before, so you’ll have to be a little patient with me. Okay?” She climbed up onto his lap and held him in her hand as she led him up inside her. She was soaked, taking him in easily. It felt like slime, like being enveloped into a marsh. Ken groaned and shook his head violently.

“No, no, God!”

She had her eyes closed, laughing out as she moaned and sheathed him fully inside her. Kamishiro caught her breath, her long ponytails swaying as she sat with her head back. She started moving slowly, twisting her hips and riding him slowly. One of her hands pressed against his chest, keeping her balance as she moved. She held the butcher knife in her other hand: it bobbed against the quilt as she moved up and down.

She moaned each time she came up. The head of his cock almost leaving the wet warmth of her body before she pushed herself back down. Kamishiro was gasping in pleasure, moving faster now, enjoying each inch of him.

“Look at me!” she snapped at him.

Ken’s eyes flashed open and when she saw the terror in his gaze, Kamishiro slapped him hard around the face. She laughed and did it again. His cheek stung as he pressed it against the covers. The coolness of the butcher knife pressed against his throat.

“Think of it as a sharp incentive,” she said, panting.

The knife pressed against his throat until he started to move his hips, shifting his weight to meet her movements. Ken pressed up inside her, feeling her tighten around him. She put the knife down on the quilt as she lent forwards and kissed him hard as their hips bucked together frantically.

Her tongue pressed itself into his mouth and pushed back, almost choking him with it. Her face was flushed as she pulled away.

The pressure around his cock was unbearable now. Ken was whimpering as he found himself getting closer and closer.

“Kamishiro, I’m going to come—” he stammered, his hips shifting desperately. “G—get off, please!”

She sat herself back up and clenched around him tightly. Her small hands reached up and wrapped around his neck. He thrashed against her as she started to squeeze. His vision blurred as his breath trapped in his throat, he wheezed and found himself making a winding, pitiful noise as he came inside her.

Her hips bumped against his, up and down, up and down, her hands tight around his throat as she found her own orgasm. He saw white, his body ached, his penis sore as she slid her body up and down on him, grunting and cursing.

It was like he was away from his body, lying beside the two of them. Kamishiro released his throat and slid between his body and himself. She curled into his body’s armpit, resting her head on his shoulder. She was catching her breath, smiling. He watched the two of them. Ken imagined reaching over and snapping her neck.

“Ruka would have bled all over you and cried,” she was telling him. “She was so grossed out by you. She told me all about it. The way you would try and chat to her like pals, the way you’d put your hands on her shoulders when the class was doing a pop quiz. She thought you were disgusting. I know; what a cold fish. She is completely petrified of sex. You never would have fucked her. I only became friends with her so I could be closer to you. She got me transferred into your class so I could see you whenever I wanted.” She ran her tongue along the side of his body’s neck.

“She wasn’t disgusted by me,” Ken mumbled from behind her.

“Oh no, she was,” Kamishiro said brightly. “She was just a little too shy to make a formal complaint. She could see exactly what you wanted from her.” She sat up and stroked down his chest, drawing Ken back into his body. “Anyway, stop talking about her now. She’s not here.”

He winced as she removed the cock ring.

“Scared you’ll get me pregnant?” she taunted.

He refused to look at her.

“Don’t worry, Sensei. I’m on the pill.”

“Untie me, Kamishiro.”

“Sorry, who?”

“R—Rin-chan, please untie me.”

“Oh, no, I couldn’t do that,” she said bluntly. “I don’t think I can trust you just yet. You have to stay like that. Let me take care of you.”

She lent forwards and kissed him again. The smell of disease pushing itself inside him. Ken bit her tongue when she shoved her tongue into his mouth. Kamishiro howled in pain as she pulled herself away. Ken tasted blood.

This time, she cut him. She sliced his arm cleanly with the butcher knife. He screamed as she straddled his waist. He struggled and tried to throw her off. The knife bit into the skin beside his left nipple. Terror rose into his voice.

Kamishiro had eyes like fire. She reached down by the side of the bed and shoved an item he realised were the little girl panties she had pushed through his door earlier that day into his mouth. Ken screamed when she cut him. She dragged the knife under his skin beneath the nipple, twisting and tearing at the flesh. His eyes rolled back into his head, gagging on the soiled underwear, his body weightless. His hands trembled and his stomach twisted and turned.

She tossed the lump of skin aside and grabbed his cheeks with blood soaked hands.

“Look what you made me do?!”


When he was small, his mother jumped from the top of their apartment building. Her legs splattered to a pulp on the concrete. Ken did not remember her much, but he could always recall that. His father had been at work and Ken had been at the park. He was in his stroller, Mother was on the ground, her flabby features bruised, her eyes wide and empty like those of a gold fish.

Ken didn’t cry. He was with Nora, his babysitter.

Nora had been his babysitter. She was sat on a park bench while he played with the other kids. The other mothers were dumpy and old like his; Nora stood out in her uniform, on her cell phone, uninterested.

She rolled her eyes when he fell down and cried. When he fell down just like Mother—

Had his mother screamed as well? Had she screamed when Kamishiro cut her? When Kamishiro—

Ken wailed in terror as the girl loomed over him. She giggled, flashing the camera in his face.

“Smile, Sensei.”

He turned his head towards the pillows and felt the knife against the wound of his nipple. Ken started to scream into the gag, eyes on her.

The camera flashed again as Kamishiro retracted the knife.

“You’re so photogenic, unlike me,” she said appreciatively. “Tsukiyama is always saying that I wouldn’t even make cash as a prostitute.” She laughed, climbing off him. “What do you think, Sensei? How was my pussy?” She tapped the knife along his stomach.

He groaned, muffled into the gag.

“Oh, silly me. You can’t talk, can you?” She reached over and removed the underwear from his mouth. “There we are. What did you say?”

“Your pussy is lovely,” he said.

“And you’d pay a lot of money for it?”

“Of course.”

“More than you’d pay for Ruka-chan’s?”

Colour flooded to his face.

“I’m not like that, Kamishiro—!”

Her expression softened.

“No, no, you’re not. You don’t have to pay for it. You have a way with women.”

The knife danced between her fingers.

“Not really.”

“No, I looked you up. You’ve made your way around a few of your students.” She stroked his cheek with her hand. “There’s me, Ruka-chan if she wasn’t such a prude. There was Cana Yamazaki last year. Then, before her, there was Yuri Tachibana. And before that, there were some ugly older women. I guess it must be younger girls you prefer.” She bent her head and licked along his chest, sliding her small body between his legs.


“I guess so.”

“You guess? You don’t know?”

“I—I do. I prefer younger women.”

Kamishiro smirked. She started to fondle his sore penis, stroking it, offering it gentle kisses.

“K—Kamishiro, R—Rin-chan, please, I’m not in the—!”

His words died as her mouth that smelled so strongly of disease enveloped him. Ken clenched his eyes shut and tried to imagine it was someone else: Ruka, Cana, Yuri, Lisa. Sharp teeth brushed against the underside of his shaft: for a second, Nora’s face flashed before his eyes, and as the teeth tightened around him, he was drawn out of his fantasy.

He glanced down and saw her smirking around his cock. Ken felt himself hardening. Invisible hands closed around his throat. Unable to close his eyes without feeling that scrape of teeth, the threat of something worse, he lay staring down at her as she bobbed up and down with a wet, odorous “plop.” She wanted him to stay in this moment with her, binding him to her.

He came down her throat, thankfully quickly.

Kamishiro sat up, staring at his face.

“Knew you could just in the mood for me,” she said. “That was my first time doing that. How did I do?”

“F—fine,” he mumbled. “Good.”

She giggled, rolling back to lay beside him.

“We are skipping school together, you know? Reckon people will start to talk?”

Ken didn’t reply. He could feel the tears brimming in his eyes. She noticed and began to wipe the tears away.

“Poor baby,” she said. “Don’t cry. Rin-chan is here to take care of you.”

He remembered crying for his mother one night. His parents had gone to a party, leaving him alone with Nora. He remembered crying so hard that his head ached and he drooled all over his pyjamas. Eventually, she came. He thought that his mother had come home, but it was Nora who came. She was wearing his mother’s clothes for some reason; it confused him. The smell of cigarettes filled the air. She bent down and blew smoke at him.

Ken had gagged on the smell, his eyes burning, coughing in shock.

Nora smirked.

“Mummy isn’t here, you little shit.”


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