Look into the corners of forgotten places
the meek await their turn, inheritance, the horizon moves closer
recognize there are battles you have already won…

whose hands compose humanities script, allow us all to see your thoughts
their misinterpreted meaning washes the victims away
the walls record the hunt
marvel at the imagery ancient galleries now oceans apart
before language, actions spoke
observe the storms, lighting ignites a fire should we put it out

our need for village ingenuity, numbers protect the tribe
the weak are deaths fuel bullies are the strong warriors born
to conquer is to survive to enslave universal
innovation has taught us to escape the world we create

the needy starve as the greedy feast human collateral used in bargaining for peace
build towards the prosperity of all future dead
sacrifice the reasons we work as the job never leaves our reach
smart phones in hand social media slavery we are at your command

truth is a memory kept in secret and never said
a treaty written brought to life
conditions of a surrender so peace has a place
end the next battle stops a war
words of weakness to guarantee more