Left and Right may have played out their usefulness as categories of societal attitudes. However, many still perceive themselves as this or that, as Left or Right…and about this you could say that people aren’t logical, they’re socio-logical. If so, if many Western world people today see themselves as, for instance, right-wingers, let’s take a look at subtypes in this realm.

1. Identitarian

Dress: proper

Reads: Evola, Jünger, Faye, de Benoist, Dugin

Signature saying: “We Nords are active, Olympic, elevated and regal; conversely, the Southern strain is feminine, lunar and passive.”

Description: Identitarians aren’t so very many in sheer numbers, but they might have great influence. With their neologisms and metapolitical activities, they at least serve to confuse the leftist establishment, and that’s a start.

2. Asatru Believer

Dress: homespun frieze

Reads: the Eddas, Rydberg’s Our Fathers’ Godsaga, Guido von List

Signature saying: “Fast move the sons of Mim, and fate is heard in the note of the Gjallarhorn…”

Description: Western world laws related to “conscience and religious freedom” came into being in order to let people become atheists. However, now they enable the blossoming of Islam in the West. And of Asatru.

3. Rigorist

Dress: T-shirt with a crossed-over cross

Reads: Ragnar Redbeard, Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Sven Hassel

Signature saying: “I drink my coffee black as night and hot as hell.”

Description: There will always be a symbolic “tough guy” out there, and the Rigorist is the right-wing variety of it.

4. She-Wolf

Dress: tight leather outfit

Reads: The Turner Diaries, The Iron Dream

Signature saying. “Fighting is easy, living is hard.”

Description: The anti-pole and absolute counterpart of “Fringe Woman,” number eight on our list. The She-Wolf of the perceived Right flaunts her being, takes her stand openly, partly for the thrill, the rush of energy she gets from quarreling with people in the streets who don’t like her “white and proud” tee.

5. Fiscal Conservative

Dress: suit

Reads: Ayn Rand, mid-to-late-period Heinlein, Robert Nozick

Signature saying: “Hate the state.”

Description: The Fiscal Conservative thinks in debit and credit, arguing that all of society should be run like a company, thus, in his own lingo, he’s a guy being “a penny wise and a pound foolish” since he lacks a grip of the whole of society. “Politics as the art of the possible” is a wisdom rather beyond this guy.

6. Wagner Fan

Dress: beret, silk clothes

Reads: notes and libretti

Signature saying: “Ich bin ein Gesamtkunstwerk.”

Description: Wagner is constantly staged all over the world, although the true Wagner Fan hates all modern productions of his maestro, calling these shows with modern paraphernalia “in-your-face Entzauberung”…however, there are some modern productions honoring the spirit of the work in question, and these the Wagner Fan pore over on YouTube and DVD. And on his CD player, he enjoys the collected works of Wagner, conducted by Daniel Barenboim, 34 CDs; the Wagner Fan will never have any leisure problems…

7. Internet Warrior

Dress: T-shirt, comfort pants

Reads: whatever is on the Net

Signature saying: lol

Description: We all know him, of whatever inclination he may be, but hey, give this right-winger variety of a Keyboard Cowboy some love, some brotherly love…and “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” I mean, we’re all watching the world with a sneer sometimes; we can all be that unlovable know-it-all.

8. Fringe Woman

Dress: grey as the grey area she inhabits

Reads: Margaret Thatcher’s memoirs, Ayn Rand, C. S. Lewis

Signature saying: “I’m no right-winger, but…”

Description: Like the Internet Warrior, the previous entry on our list, the Fringe Woman isn’t generally loved. But you have to start somewhere…and she might be a symbol of the “silent majority” of today.

9. Fake

Dress: Codreanu T-shirt

Reads: whatever is labelled Right

Signature saying: whatever sounds Right

Description: Watch out, this guy is everywhere…

10. Military Buff

Dress: camouflage pants

Reads: Anthony Beevor, Liddell Hart, Clausewitz

Signature saying: “Movement is life” (Guderian)

Description: The Military Buff might not be expressly right-wing, but he sure isn’t left-wing… he’s interested in all things military, in hierarchies and order, in will-driven activities like combat, and tends to generate a rightist mindset, a responsible-and-authoritarian mindset.

11. Mainstream Trad Guy

Dress: unassuming

Reads: George R. R. Martin, Tolkien,

Signature saying: “Seeing an HBO series with tattooed Vikings is really serious; it will create a resurgence of ancient lifestyle and spirituality, an authentic return to our Nordic roots.”

Description: This is the symbol of the Silent Majority, male variety (the female variety is number eight, Fringe Woman).

12. Actionist

Dress: black pants, grey jacket

Reads: Actionism, Borderline, Castaneda, Bhagavad-Gita, early Heinlein, Dune

Signature saying: “Let’s get going, we can rest on the way, seeking Rest In Action = RIA.”

Description: Like the Identitarian, the Actionist is a rare bird—rara avis—but he does exist; he is the will-driven mindset finally coming into its own again, after a century of propaganda saying that “Will” is an illusion.

13. Vorticist

Dress: stylish

Reads: T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Walt Whitman

Signature saying: “I am the Vortex Master, dragging everything into the black hole of Me.”

Description: The Vorticist is the art-loving right-winger. Unlike all others of the right-wing world, he does not—we repeat, not—see photographic realism as the ideal in painting. Familiar with modernist art, the Vorticist appreciates Wyndham Lewis, de Chirico, and Italian Futurism, along with the best of all the rest of art history.

14. Faustian Fanboy

Dress: black suit

Reads: Spengler, Hamlet, Faust, the Eddas

Signature saying: “The Faustian culture isn’t dead; it will last at least until 3573 AD.”

Description: This Faustian Fanboy is sorely needed today; he disagrees with his maestro Spengler in stressing that the West isn’t doomed, it will survive for centuries. Yeah, more than a millennium from now.