Extend! Extend!
And fill the emptiness
This is our true purpose
The thing that we must do!

It yawns so wide its walls are never seen
It swallows everything
But we must fill it
fuck it full
until it pleads to stop
and fits inside our grasping hand
like a woman’s milky breast

We must fill it
fuck it full
and this must be our God

Only spirit rides this far and wide
across Infinity
The bridge we build is made of light
not steel nor brick nor stone
And flesh is dust and nothingness
in the vacuum of this emptiness
extending like our doom

Infinite, unconquerable
like the coldest hearted whore
But we must fuck her fill her full
and push in more than she can pull
and make her scream our name
so she will press her flesh to us
in obedience to our dreams

The power of our phallic thrust
extension of our will
is how we’ll fill this fucking whore
who seeks to kill us with the hole
that is the Universe.