Slippery lovers ameliorate their omissions
by catachreses or misuse of meronyms.
Peddlers of phrase aren’t bucklers of breve.

Anatomy of intimacy spills in other ways.
It’s not in the canopy of words but their accent,
like entitlements whilst canter of sexual congress.

Curse of such casuistries are added to my attic.
Secrets the skin holds against you hamper me.
Sensa of the somatic are deciduous.


Firestones are forever:
flames within need to
be felled. Politicos of
all hues play possum
as helots of hate doctor
wares through pyretic
veins. When bearings
go awry each mascaron
is our political master.
If inner selves were
as speckless as their
photoshopped headshots.

Tempus Fugit

The meaningful rests in the mind.
Digital sensation is doppelganger
to you some thirty years ago. Your
names begin with the same alphabet.
Is this love? If you swivel with spool:
of steps not taken, of non-fulfillment.
Or, desultory poems.


Expertise is to nail when and where
not to expect or endow. The process
is autonomous: the honed get it, not
so gifted move in and out of palings.
Those with Munchausen syndrome
can’t buck nosocomial issues. I’m
my counselor, tutor the self to be on
as righteous a track as possible. If
this is Tartuffe-like so be it.

Penny Dreadful

You weave hymns of your habitude in a welter
of volumes. I find myself in a yurt, my lounge
in the heirloom of your longings.

Grief has no shades only our shine. As MMS ousted
CMS, esteem morphed to envy. Cues gravid with
dignity and goodwill dwindled.

Binary of langue tied us to its longueur.
On our crossway you had only the other path.
Imperfections of parting are always perfect.


Moon marinates effectivities
from a faraway zone
with my instincts.
Unheard-of caissons tie up.
They add flare and flicker
to a canvas of clouds,
in, on or under.
ruins spontaneity,
urging the need for reciprocity.
In arithmetic of relationships
three plus three is never six.
Loneness is addiction:
oxycodone of a kind.
Under its spell there are no trials.
When words don’t reach
will my breathing space?