The Incel’s Lament

Ivory skin and Raven Hair
A celestial figure that reaffirmed faith
A songbird’s voice and a gentle heart
An absolutely ravishing fatality

Senselessly slain outside her door
Life snuffed out by a turgid dullard
Society demands that all mourn
This cruel and senseless brutality

In death fairness shines eternal
A full bosom and ample hips
A flat stomach and slender legs
A grieving psyche beseeches the reality of revenants

The morgue empties of wishers well
A Cenobite lurks within the shadow
Nervously pawing for a soft white hand
The time has finally come; take a chance!


Night falls
Scouring modern fleshpots
Seeking an ebullient woman
That will set the world ablaze
In a soiled inferno of debauchery

Suddenly she appears
Frozen in time
A ravishing vision
Expertly polished
Obtained with vowed geld and mild sophistry

What is eternally sought
Appears to be in reach
An unquenchable urge
For burning passion
Perhaps this time for it to fully wake

She appears
The treachery of images
Battered and worn
He resigns himself
Ersatz passion for addiction’s sake