Bathing deep in her wanderlust essence
I’ve been lost in the stars, light years past the nearest nebula
Floating along by your toes as you dip them into the galaxy and
Caress my constellations buried within my soul
An explosion of your supernova launched me deep into space
Brought on at the moment my tongue slithers up the arch of your feet
Launched past the big quasar, neon reds, neon yellows,
Neon strobes of deep purples, violent pinks
Crystalline pentagons and liquid-like hexagons dance in the fourth dimension
My body vibrates as she brings me into a state of higher consciousness
I follow her to the source wall, out to the very edges of the universe
Our atoms are entangled
As our toes do the same
Our bodies superimposed
     I closed my eyes for an iota and decided to drift
     from system to system. Never lost, but exactly where
     I need to be, in the stars. In your eyes. Kissing your
     Supple feet and sucking in your aura/toes
     Sliding my lips up your Kuiper belt and stroking your thighs
     you let loose a soft moan. Your cosmic wind whispers in my
     ear. You touch your toes to my shoulder and as my tongue
     continues its odyssey to your black hole/vulva
     Your stellar juices seep forth from beyond your labia. I feel
     My mouth waters, anticipating to explore the outer rim
     Of your galaxy. Paradise lies in your shining body. Bring me
     Into your light and plasma beauty and licentious vibes/maidenhead
     Tracing the constellations on your clit with my tongue.
     Stars exploding. Neutron stars. Binary Stars. Blue Giants. Pulsars.
     Legs squeezing my head. Hands pulling my hair.
     Singularity. Big Bang. An explosion of supernova/orgasm
Bathing deep in her wanderlust essence.

Porter-Cable 352VS Belt Sander with a 360° Swivel Dust Bag

Woman have tongues—
Warm and rough
Some women have a mouth like a cunt
Soft and wet
My girl has a mouth like a Porter-Cable 352VS belt sander with a 360° swivel dust bag
Course yet very dependable to get the job done
Quick licks and flicks, jerky almost cat-like
You can really feel her body purr