he was stuck in an everlasting wasteland

one of the few able to see the real evils of the world,
the evils that destroy and ravage even the most innocent and kind hearted,
attacking their fickle minds like a vulture on the hunt

ripping through skin to pick apart everything they keep hidden inside,
feasting on the weak until they are nothing but an empty shell of themselves
left dormant, abandoned, hoping for the light.

but the light they want is a light easily attainable through a cold barrel and that bright white light flashing against a blackened sky, making them finally feel at peace with the world around them

laying as part of that very world finally able to escape the horrors experienced
decomposing in one final effort to do some good in this hell people call life, while others were smiling, and laughing inside and out, he was putting a facade, knowing he was already dead long before the light enveloped him

but those same vultures who ripped him apart and broke him down
pretending to be eagles flying proud and standing for the very boy they pushed over the edge.


her presence next to him
her warmth as she lays her head on his chest
her breathing a comfort in the silence
her hair strewn across him caressing his body

he smiles, the comfort he feels is unlike any other
contentment filling his body
he realizes this is happiness
she is his happiness
the passion he feels outweighing any negative emotions cascading upon him

his life slowly playing out in his head
he sees the future, he sees smiles, laughter, love

but in a sick twist of fate that future is shattered replaced with nothing but a mirror shattering in slow motion
the pieces falling as if gravity was taken away
like feathers falling he sees each piece drift to the ground

in those pieces he distinguishes memories
some happy, some sad, but all bringing about the same emotion


he reaches for the falling shards only to be cut over and over
the blood pouring out of his skin, dripping onto pages spelling out words he never spoke into existence
hands trembling as he reads page after page

every feeling, every emotion he never had the strength and capability to express
all smeared in a Crimson tone, marking the book of his life
as he turns each page, the warmth of his own life bleeding out reaches him

and in that moment knows true warmth for fleeting seconds

replaced by black.


he feels the pull of an imaginary force
desperately ripping into him like a bitter night chill

as he escapes the dark thoughts in his mind just to be caught right back in the clutches of the part of his head that push him to the edge

he sees her

a light at the end of the tunnel


he runs, calling her name in an attempt to get to her faster

her back turned, her hair flowing like a goddess standing on Mount Olympus
he reaches for her only to grasp nothing but the rushing air as he’s pulled back farther into the darkness

again and again he tries to no avail, he can’t reach her but he can’t stop trying

he falls


he knows his time to fight has come to an end, he can’t even stand, so with head in hands he closes his eyes accepting the night

as it envelopes him he finds the strength to stand

he looks to her

he pushes, harder than he ever thought possible and he reaches
his hands grasp her shoulders and as she turns
that deadly cigarette smile, locking him up like a criminal sent to a maximum security prison

she reaches to him

both hands on his chest she looks up at him, smiling menacingly into his eyes
she pushes him, sending him farther into the dark than he ever got caught before
he glances back to see nothing but shadow fleeting

and everything goes black.