Mortal gods take their importance, true magicians
Great power perceived by what we give them, thieves of emotion
Leave the curtain closed and enjoy the show, indulge the escape…

Can you describe the taste of water, so common, drink all you can, life essential
we are never meant to be a complete part of another, often not even your own
to spectate in your own life is to die, to save another knobble perhaps
but what did you save, what is the value of a life, time reveals

Brought to us in many forms whether the words are written or discoveries display of evolution the need to survive tests all we know look past the impossible, improbable, unimaginable and life remains, for so little required to live we ask it so much we know how to end it fear it defend it keep it close as a stranger to gain favour foolish pursuits of religions promise science charged to prove

diplomacy is the apology our governments preform, lights on cameras roll
taught to believe we are represented by the same court, sentences administered by our social class our future selves push forward to ignore our past injustice and crimes committed hidden clean out our closets words of apology are weak when the wounds of the victims can never be addressed the spirits of the lost were the ones that paid money to the present overlooks the cost the departed have no use for false words of apology spirits unsettled by the atrocities

I lay my head to rest so tiered of this fight win to lose the timing not right place myself in the cold hands that find me there I leave my love and those that care take the sins of others on the journey with me, burry their shame so no one will ever see what you’ve done or what you meant to me

Wisdom and selflessness should be free to conceive their endings and be revered for what the lessons for others could mean, hold me past this tomorrow no longer need to breathe these places are beyond a heart beat and tears they eclipse our time here by thousands of years immortality awaits just past the gates move towards the next experience know that the heart felt nothing it only radiates what its told connived in the mind and directed by your stare the love was real each person has their amount from you no two are alike each amount is separate but no less intense just maybe not as long the mind knows its over and time to move on

I thank you for showing me the edge, the choice is mine leap, to the abys or search for more is
Life is this why you brought me here is this something I needed to see the other side options or a better me is there time to repair the mistakes of failures and success will forgiveness be mine is there room on the other side for me to take dreams with me is that what they were fore or pay with my last memory and create more

listen to the sounds, children use to play outside innocents and joy would fill the sky
empty places are all around lured by the future we create for them driven by the horizon we hate for them technology captures imaginations in advanced civilisations ways never able to compete, the world in hand awaits their discovery, grow so fast in the click they are gone around the world into the dark places where corporations and government hide from detection, play the secret games of espionage and use citizens as collateral, feed their wealth and place civility high upon an unreachable shelf, who’s hiding now

who do we blame for the departure of our youth, they embrace the future we create for them and in turn hold them accountable for our deed and prosecute them for our gift, we show them by our lead that our fabric is bully and torment, create mass hysteria artificial news and lies leads to a Totalitarianism rule produces actual lack of intelligence taught to deceive and lie and bully by our hand games learned as children carried on to see how the world around them functions by consuming all, we create a moral black hole and force ourselves to escape the hell we create

we hide the greatest truths and secrets in the grave we leave behind out of reach out of sight out of mind out of time, we rely on history to repeat and ignore the words we said this is how we guarantee our path will rarely change we are too proud to learn from yesterday the elderly words and wisdom are so easy to dismiss overlook their true purpose, so foolish
we are children ourselves as we run to the stars and beyond before we care for our home who will pick us up as we fall life we know is needed to carry us to a place we can evolve and overcome and move forward, we are not born of dust and therefore must not return to a stranger’s cradle

and this is only where it actually all really begins…let patience be your prayer truth and growth come from within

keep the planet warm we will not return, we tried that before and failed