Pan’s Paths once trod now lie forgotten beneath the lines of ley
Nomadic rites and mother goddesses crossed rivers in India some say

Tablets cracked once foretold the tale—of Manuscripts sent to betray
And armoured ravagers would sing their histories while leading yours astray

Brackish waters in the troughs of deserts—kept distant Kings and Queens at bay
Persian days fought Syrian nights when djinns brought madness out to play

The ginnels were flooded with paucity new—and the hordes did but obey
Their masters tied with old ideals while their roots began to fray

Placed within the vast killing hills—the fates they could never delay
Harbingers and sprites danced a-merry while we were left to pay

No more lying was heard in truth—the pursuit rolled miles away
Though darkness came down on fields and cities the angels were praying all day

Though disbelief was done in good faith—and demons congregated to pray
The rituals were broken on the alters of lies where secrets so heavily weigh

Within the torrid bowels of man—dark mistrusts was here to stay
Carried by great ships to distant lands condemned to be left in disarray

Prometheus’ gift enlightening the spit of Zeus deep within the clay
Bowed down and disfigured we swear allegiance to the sad Gods in a display.