1. Write

I type a word
or just a few
to be read, edited
or viewed askew

sentences strung together by brain or heart
cock and hand
I retract myself far away
from words of my fruition
turn away from markings of my making
useless symbols devoid of stern conviction

the words shared must be the ugliest
if i chose not to keep them

2. Submit Your Writing

Painted pasted
on this site my words sit at rest
like a poster with no print
words just want to be read
they’ve incubated in my head
like a warm oven, metal heated red
they’ve baked
they’ve sat
a mixed hat of meanings
how could these words be my own

I’ve denounced by brain as food for flies
my thoughts as illiterate scrawling of human waste on the wing-walls of highways
Decent infrastructure
one of Eisenhower’s

3. Wait for Acceptance

Do I pay no mind
Throne of champions
seats of soldiers
floor for farmers
Do I pay no mind
How are you serving your king today?

Foreigners flee famines others ostracized,
they learn to love our language some mesmerized by its promise
Years behind a book, more on comprehension.
They study, practice, commit
Certified and respected
I only wonder how they feel when all their words are printed

4. Reflect

I’ve removed bone and muscle
my nerves and eyes
for every word I write feels the need to be precise
but without sight I’m blind to which goes where
and if all will fit right
these words are not mine
i just wrote the sounds in front of me