Verse 1

Spoiled milk
Carrots on my knee
Chips on my knee
Spoiled milk
Children of Sudan being beheaded daily
I don’t care
Spoiled milk
Ishmael Beah should be shot dead
And I don’t like him
Spoiled milk
They don’t matter compared to
Spoiled milk
The cows produce most of the
Spoiled milk
The cows on the hills
The chickens in the farm
Spoiled milk
The cows will graze on the grass
Spoiled milk

Verse 2

A jar of
Spoiled milk
A can of
Spoiled milk
A glass of
Spoiled milk
Hint of rosemary with a side of honeysuckle
We all know who the real Steven Hawking is
Spoiled, nasty milk
Coca-Cola owns NBC
The world is but a sea
Spoiled milk
I got bars like Dr. Seuss
And my dick tastes like orange
Spoiled milk
The weight of a thousand dead elephants
On my pinky toes
Spoiled milk

Verse 3 (Blue)

Chunky milk
Racism is bad
Just like those gay monkey bars
Spoiled milk
And even if my blood was pink
I wouldn’t let you take my sink
Chunky milk
My vocab is like Shakespeare
I can believe it’s not
Spoiled milk
Oh wait, Silver Surfer. Or is it surgery?!
Fried milk
Rainbow flags hitting my prostate
The fate of a little kids master—
Spoiled Milk

Verse 4

An egg-free omelet
Probably not good
Car filled with milk
Not my toenails, but only
Spoiled milk
A can of unopened strawberry condoms
Laying upon my chest, and my chest resembles
Whole milk
Only if I pretend to comply
Will the demons in the eyes die
Or fly to my guy who sells underage
Spoiled milk
When does the selling of underage milk stop, and the halftime end?
Charred milk
Only when a jar of toenails is unleashed with the power of
Spoiled milk

Verse 5 (Patti Smith)

The cows are spoiled
Spoiled milk
The amount of wheat in which I—
Spoiled milk
That shall change the thickness of
Spoiled milk
A cow may produce milk, but a man creates
Spoiled milk
Crafted in the hands of a god,
The first
Spoiled milk
Was soupy as chicken broth
Yet thick as horse testicles
Spoiled, milk
Through this archetype
All proceeding shall follow the word of God for
Spoiled milk
Only then will there be the perfect
Spoiled milk

Verse 6

Opened cans of
Toe Mae toe sawce
Make me feel like
Spoiled milk
He must have dealt
Hard milk
A hard life
A lonely existence
Spoiled milk
The responsibility of feeding a family
With a gallon of
Spoiled milk
The caring needed to
From a wave of
Spoiled milk
It causes joy
But creates disasters
Spoiled milk
It can be the key to life
Spoiled milk
Or the path to Sharon Stone’s asshole

Verse 7

The flow of milk can create
Fresh milk
And time makes it
Yet what about the flow of time?
Does it—create a barrel of lime—
Spoiled milk
Carrots are part of our imagination
And the excretion of mammals is just
Spoiled milk
Yaks on the Andes
Bruce Jenner on the Wheaties
You sure do smell like feces—
Spoiled milk
It cures cancer
Spoiled milk
But not
Spoiled, milk

Verse 8 (A Breach of Sanity)

(Five second pause and stare)
A chicken
A worm AND
Spoiled, milk
The most positive thing in Africa?
Their economic growth?
Spoiled milk
Cans of butter
Loaded onto trucks
But kids from Africa can’t have any
Spoiled milk
Vials of milk
Spoiled milk
(Chuckle) Retarded African children
They don’t have anything to eat
Especially not
Spoiled milk

Verse 9 (Milk King Songs, Part 1)

Spoiled milk
Grains of rice falling through my hands
Staring at the plains
Igniting old flames
Spoiled milk
Ugandan international terrorist rings
Demonstrate my—impotence?
Spoiled Milk
Hail him—the Milk King!
He rides unchallenged unabashedly through his tundra,
Clutching the bag that does carry the
Spoiled milk
For does the plain ignite a flame that writhes a milk king?
Does a flame upon a grain cause such pain to make our great king cower?
Spoiled milk
The cold of the milk sweat pours down the bag
But our flame is near half flag
A wisp of smoke and
Kiss from a bloke
Does cray the Milk King away.
Spoiled milk

Verse 10 (Milk King Songs, Part 2)

Half-eaten carcasses of the children of the town.
They’re littered everywhere, but the Milk King remains joyous,
For they died with full bellies of
Spoiled milk
The moans of the last surviving
Ring in his ears—but he finds them starving as well.
“Have you had a healthy glass of spoiled milk?”
He calls to the solemn and broken couple
They sweat—panic—their glasses totally full of
Spoiled milk
The Milk King sighs, for they don’t enjoy spoiled milk
He gave them all enough to not go hungry
So he strikes down the couple in front of their son
Slitting their throats while the blood pours down their necks
Blood imitating tears as he gouges their eyes in
Spoiled milk