Must we hate because we love?
Or rather, pseudo-love, or maybe go through the motions of pretending we are enamored when we are an inch away from the killing stroke?
How did the states and the world allow a crazed lunatic who would just as soon kill you:
Black, brown, Asian, or white (nazi & kkk too)
While he is selling you snake oil or fucked up properties?
Why do you defend sick fucks?
And you ask me:
“Why do you believe in the democrats or the democratic process?”
Wow, that is some fuckin’ leap buddy
Try this on for size, as I don’t trust a fuckin’ one of ‘em

Take your politics and your zombie smartphone, and shamble off to believe the next lie and spit in my eye

All you need is love?

Me…I’ll take a little sugar and hate with my wicked brew.