I don’t give a damn:
“Enough is enough” is enough
Don’t ask me to read your gay manifesto
I don’t give a fuck about your mass shooter IPO
I ain’t gonna read your 25 point plan
If you’re going to act a fucking schizo, at least you could embrace it
I couldn’t care less how you’ll stick it to the man
I wouldn’t fly a twin-engine fuck into whether or not you’re racist
And nobody gives a reverse-cowgirl fake-moans interracial POV fuck about “why”
You might as well ask us to like and subscribe

This shit’s all as boring as Original Sin
You’re mad as Hell
But you’re just playing
(Blow my fucking brains out)
Nobody’s playing to win

Come back when you’ve accomplished literally anything
Start a cult
Or build a goddamn political graft machine
Send boomers Nigerian prince emails
You’re the terrorist watchlist equivalent of a high-school dropout
Sell crystal meth or chainsaw up fucks who do
Not even the NSA gives a damn about you

(I want to go home)
Learn to code
Buy a drill press
Or a bench press
Or STFU but don’t sperg on WordPress

But if you make the news
And I hear you bothered to blame the Jews
On Unitarian Universalist genderless God
I will kill myself
And upon my advent in Hell I will overthrow the powers of darkness, drag your faggot soul back to the land of the living
And beat you to death with a tire iron I had Ben Garrison label, in white marker, “political expediency”

I swear every “movement” is a consumer advocacy group for porn addicts with delusions of grandeur
Nobody is afraid of your Neo-Commie Anarcho-Nazi Islamic Zionist peepee poopoo ideology ass
Shut the fuck up and publicly self-immolate
They’re afraid you won’t embarrass their political opponents enough to win them an election
If you’d sit at home and masturbate it would accomplish more than if you beat McVeigh’s high score

If you have political opinions
Please don’t reproduce
We’re all the niggers of modernity
But we’re cringing at YOU