The Night (Poem with Archaic-Poetical Words)

If it becomes darkly in me
the meek dream comes into being almost never
the mind sleeps in the Dark
the night unfolds its wings
the dreameries are dying
they are jonesing for the lights
I—Apollo am kissing the nighttime
so that a blackness can be there
caliginosity* enfolds daydreams
nocturnal fire such a spark
I can fly by night not at all
like owls in night arms
there is only my wishfulness
my spirits cribbing** embers
of the murk*** fire places
I am singing some night ayres****
somberly the phantasy***** of
the dun Erlking****** shines
with me

And Time and Again

and over and over my most lovely dreameries
the marvelous time will prophesize the philosophy
alway******* the Erlking ensorcells my soul
once more the heart longs for gentle remoteness of poesy
and time after time the meek Apollonian bliss-like tears
again I feel a virtue of the bewitched afterglow
and my mellow thought flies to the most fervent moon
again the starry night becomes my friend
consistently the weird******** of my mind – the clever time
and the Morning Star shines quaintly propitiously********* on my behalf


* caliginosity: darkness

** cribbing: stealing

*** murk, dun: dark

**** ayres: songs

***** phantasy: fantasy

****** Erlking: king of Elves

******* alway: forever

******** weird: spell

********* propitious: lovely