The springtide wakes up not only in dreams.
The snowdrops blowing in moony garths.*
One listens to propitious paradise.
The dearest graylag geese coming in flocks.

I think of genus Primula** from afar.
The wild boar piglets were born in a grove.
I feel springwards the warmness of a soul.
Native dreameries are fulfilled galore.

Springtide be primeval home of Naiads!
I taste the verdure*** of some climes.
You are dreamy like fairylike bouts.****
The friends of springy***** morn******—are tender owls.

I can praise, bewitch Ovidianly.*******
Thus, I am able to enchant peaceably.


* garth: garden

** genus Primula: primrose

*** verdure: literary green

**** bout: dance

***** springy: vernal

****** morn: morning

******* Ovidianly: adverb from Ovidian

Naiad, definition through the haiku:

The tender Naiad
a merest-guardian from the
Greek dreamiest stories