Too Much Brouhaha

too much psychological brouhaha
had overshadowed

the glowing embers
and bejeweled thoughts
that were hidden
in different capsules
or different compartments
that had the mental stature of a reflectionary

different streams fed into different lies
and the insectoid consciousness
shredded the path
towards steel and strength

the provocation of the hive
and pure fucking raw existence
shattered delusions
when the essence
and the essence alone remains

the morphic resonance
from human to lizard person
and that kind of transformation
hidden in different fields of perception
when the lizardism
is more widely known and recognized and understood

the activation of a molecule
weakened and misshapen
through years of bad existence

I can see the molecules percolating
in some kind of ether
or some kind of slime
or some kind of earthy residue

when the vitalist in me can realize
through the bubbly mist
and watery sort of floating substance

the associations and false endeavors
problematic shit that will turn against the impulse

the freaky chessboards that sprouted out of sand
but what if eggs were oceans
and what if trees were guitar pedals
and the sound of a buffalo stomping on a crystal ball
was the same as a parachute that landed on mercury

these are the sounds of frozen time fields
guided by energy, raw freakwave energy
earth rocker energy
essential energy
hidden energy
twiztid energy

I hope you can feel the energy
I get spaced out on it
wasted and wounded

Double-Stream Consciousness

when we’re working with the tonality
of double-stream consciousness
I can feel the vibration increase
like a warped cassette tape
inside the cell structure of integral spheres
that wore down auras contained within
the framework of anterior thrones

a ghost evaporated
and joined the sequential elements
all vibrating at different speeds
in their own private spheres

when the form of a ghost is absorbed
through the sequential spheres
then the evaporated forms can glow
in geomantic reverie

I felt the bloody tone of this endeavor
begin to deepen
in an oxygen tank
or in a sensory deprivation tank
when I saw Dennis Hopper playing saxophone
in front of a giant Hieronymous Bosch painting
in a film from 1990, starring him and Jodie Foster
that felt deeply refined and full of raw vitalism
but what kind of spirit can glow and vibrate
within the shell of some hidden sphere

there were degraded auras inside
of these metal shavings that were deep blue
and almost purple
the smoking steel
the vibrating steel
vibrating at a rotational speed
I can visualize these movements
in a highly autistic way
because my mind is visually attuned
and when Dennis Hopper is driving in the desert
he turns to Jodie Foster and says,
“we’re in another world here”

We Walk

we walk the path of vitality
and feel the vitalism
in our steps and our movements
and our graces
and the vitality in our movements
as we walk through life
and feel the vitality of life
there is a vitality to the vitality
and the powers that are called upon
through the vitalistic impulse
through the vitality of the supernatural vitality

and the vitality of our nature
is the ultimate vitality
it is a perpetual vitality

there is a grace to vitality
there is a strength to vitality
there is a courage to vitality
there is a dignity to vitality
there is an honor to vitality

it is what we feel
when we walk through life

and feel
nothing but vitality

strength, courage, dignity, and honor
all have the grace of vitality

praise be to vitality