Bury My Heart in the Martian Sky

ages have passed by
or has it just been minutes
what does it matter

irrelevant time
at the end of a long line
all the clans are gone

at the beginning
we saw plentiful water
through the long-long glass

left, with plenty hope
a fresh world now drifting dirt
new ancestral lands

generations since
survival rates plummeted
I’ve buried them all

it took us too long
to finally get here from there
just to see us die

alone I remain
one voice, one near-silent drum
who will bury me


why is there a zombie shortage right now?
a common question; why wouldn’t there be
zombies are having a tough time today
inadequate conditions and respect
rising relentless politicizing
the easing of laws, uptick of gun sales
zombies are always doing more with less
and then everything got even tougher
zombies even got blamed for pandemics
it surely became the most perfect storm
stare at the fear that zombies face each day
constantly within the brutal crosshairs
no wonder that their numbers are dropping
all said, who wants to be a zombie now?

A String of Poe-ku

Edgar Allan Poe:
as he wrote poems did he know
we would fall in love

raven of no name
cries, “nevermore, nevermore”
perched upon a door

like aged-wine, red on your face
brick by brick by brick

masque of a red death
is the mask under the mask
waiting for its time

‘tis Annabel Lee
dead and gone by now you see
lingers like oceans

pendulum waltzes
in the pit of our despairs
swing sharp emotions

dark house collapses
swallowed by an angry earth
the end of Ushers

Chupa-Ku, Volume VI: No. 26-30

“Go tell it on the
Great Chupacabra Mountain”
fatalistic goat

“We Only Serve Goats!”
sign at the prejudiced hotel
Chupacabra Inn

“Chickens Are Welcomed!”
new head chef at Conchitas
el chupacabra

el chupacabra:
bastard child of Cthulhu
and Olmec nagual

el chupacabra:
Scary Monters Magazine’s
Monster Of The Year

Five Sitchin Quatrains, Part VI

Giving Up Secrets:

miles of ice melting at the Far Poles
no Santa Claus village to be found there
undescribed technological secrets
what the hell will we ever make of it

The Hard Answer:

what will the universe say about us
we who kill our planet with arrogance
neglecting environmental issues
or we who reached far into other worlds

HE Who Created Universes:

“You shall have no other gods before me”
a quick warning shot to the sky people
and the humans who dreamed they were real gods
instead of the One and True Creator

Overreaching Idea:

nothing complex when you accept the truth
humans were assisted by aliens
connecting context between “us” and “them”
something much greater created us ALL

Before Dagon:

below the depths of lonely, dark waters
crash landed back during man’s infancy
perhaps star-people live without conscious
eating fish-cousins not yet developed