“All in the Family,” “Almost Fallen,” “Free at Last,” and Other Photos

All in the Family Almost Fallen Free at Last Ghosts Last Stop Like a King Lost Rebirth True Romance Trying to Survive

“Heart-Headed,” “Harvesting Yesterday’s Madness,” “Dissolution,” and Other Paintings

Heart-Headed Harvesting Yesterday's Madness Dissolution Hunger The Fire Inside Living with All That Goya Feared to Paint

“The Muse Has Been Hanging Around,” “Thy Galaxy is Buried Beneath Me,” “Engulf Thyself,” and Other Paintings

The Muse Has Been Hanging Around Thy Galaxy is Buried Beneath Me Engulf Thyself Statue of Libertine Apocalips

“Desperation,” “Hiding the End,” “Limitless,” and Other Photos

Desperation Hiding the End Limitless To the Mystery Who Really Know!

“Badlands Sunset,” “Dust and Trucking,” “Quintessential Utah,” and Other Photos

Badlands Sunset Dust and Trucking Quintessential Utah The Morning After Trees and the Infinite Visitors of the Volcano