Avihs || Vishnu

Mornings || they disperse || beyond || the corn
                        Fields, || separately. ||Sunday
She || throws

Her partner’s computer || (midnight)
            Into the garage.|| George ||who
In many || a city || upgraded || his software

                        Upgraded || hers.
They will || stop over || an island
            Separately.|| Your son

                        Hated || all || mushrooms
George mentions – do you recall || yourself?
To a single mind,|| their spirits || evaporate


            Ever since they became erectus, and

Domesticated wheat, dogs and chickens

They have murdered almost all…
                        Destroyed numerous…
                                    Poisoned every…

            Altering the natural course of…
Rewriting the original codes of…

            And even redrawing their own genetic maps…

            As they keep moving everywhere
Albeit I have placed in loudest human voice
                                    My repeated charges

That are ignored with repeated ignorance

For their next revolution to achieve


Modern Metaphysics

Few are really aware of
            Such universes
Existing beyond our own

Even fewer of so many other versions
            Of selfhood living
In each of them, let alone
This simple secret:

At the depth of consciousness
            Lives a quantum
    Or soul as we prefer to call it
A particle, demon and/or angel dancing

The same dance afar, far apart
In an entanglement


1/ The End of a Beginning

Given   each organism  as a biochemical  algorithm
Your life             is a programmed             process proving
            Your consciousness    is actually far      less
Valuable             than a fucking      Frankenstein’s AI

2/ The Beginning of an End

Through             human-computer interface
My mind has become     part of     a robot
            While the robot             part of me

As     data exchanges with     my consciousness
Or flow             between each other     on their own
            Where             can I find my true self?

Drawing the Dragon

According to a recent survey conducted in ten English speaking countries, the top 10 most familiar Chinese words are…

In the Shaolin (少林) Temple
Rebuilt between yin and yang (阴阳)
With billions of yuan (元)
Collected from gugong (故宫the Imperial Palace)
After each greeting nihao (你好)
The wushu (武术Chinese martial arts) is
Gaining more and more momentum from qi (气)
Or the energy of qigong (气功)
Bloated with tons of renminbi (人民币)
While every Chinese is playing mahjiong (麻将)

Turing Test

There is– no solution –to this
–Problem of –the other mind
Harbored– in my bedmate’s –body:

After –35 years –of marriage
Or communication –inside out–
Are –you a cyborg human, –or

Am I a –human cyborg? –Perhaps
We –are both dreaming in a –virtual world
–Like a lost digital –artifact?