Christ-Kissed Wisdom

“Oh Maggie” whispered Jesus,
      After kissing his girlfriend:
So grew the honeysuckle
      Below the cross,
      Carved from a living tree

                             Still rooted.

   The magus saw the transits,
       &nbspWhile a nymph blew ambrosias
         Into a satyr’s face,
         Jupiter conjunct Venus;—
                  Let us share a bed heavenward.

Ballad of Release

Through her holy breasts
           And blessed tits
      May we surpass the broken angels:
 Towards thy undifferentiated bliss
              ––-Reborn the original Adam.

 To melt my arms into her ribs,
           As my hands tend a caress:
       Passed her lower back to grasp sermon mounts
  Spilling out of her skirt
              —Through our twine,
                Wisdom of God undivide.

  Homilies through her tongue on mine,
           So the word became pleasure through flesh,
        The broken world becomes a festival without death,
  While the lesser gods tear in envy
                 To humanity’s bedfellows undressed.

    Through thy labia-lips,
            Swaying within-without;
        The light unmanifest
    Mirrors in our foaming drips
                —Onto the highest heaven,
                  Though yonder kingdom is within.


         Her body is a Gospel,
                    My pleasure is Gnosis,
              Agape our savior;

       —Within the world a release:
               The fluids of God without law set us free.

A Threesome by the Sea

They lay arm soothing arm,
Leg moisten leg,
       Fingers in a fountain gushing wet
 While their kisses dripped lovely.

 I join their enlivening rest;
          An afternoon spring-drizzle
          Bloomed love-scents:—
     Her red hair I breath in:
     Her blonde curls I breath on.

   The Mediterranean breeze
        Unites us three
              Into a consummating
        Sea-Swim pleasure-mist.